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Sean & Anna O'Neal

Sean O’Neal

A 67-year old Senior Citizen Reports that they have been defrauded out of her entire life savings-more than $375,000.00 by Mr. SEAN ANDREW O’NEAL (aka: SEAN SIPOS) a resident of Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

SEAN ANDREW O’NEAL-date of birth: 30 AUG 1961 (image depicted above with his wife “Anna Aguilar-O’Neal”)

O’NEAL is known to spend significant time in the Playa del Carmen area also maintains “Resident” status in Mexico. Between April 2013 and February 2014 in three separate transactions, Sean O’Neal defrauded the victim utilizing 2 fictitious investments:

A.  $140,000.00-involving ruse involving real estate investments promising a 12% annual rate of return.

B.  $235,000.00-For the sale of a condominium located in Playa del Carmen, for which the victim intended to use as a full-time retirement residence. It was later discovered that SEAN O’NEAL did not own or have the authority to sell the subject properties and simply stole the victims money.

SEAN O’NEAL, perpetrated the fraud by enticing the elderly woman to deposit by way of Check, wire transfer and cash into a California based Wells Fargo bank account held under the name of O’NEAL’s preschool aged son co-owned by SEAN O’NEAL’s elderly mother-Jean Sipos. The Victim advises that after being pressured SEAN O’NEAL admitted to having defrauded her, but to date has refused to return any part of the stolen money.

SEAN’s wife ANNA AGUILAR-O’NEAL is alleged to have been complicit in the frauds Committed by SEAN O’NEAL.

The Secretary of State of California lists the company’s status as suspended. SEAN O’NEAL also advertises himself as a “Life Coach” listing a phone number of 424-332-2080 with a listing for a “Regus” temporary office located in the “Rolling Hills” area near his home in California.

If you should have any additional information regarding the fraudulent activities of SEAN O’NEAL we urge you to contact the authorities and this forum at [email protected]. {Evidence and documentation substantiating the allegations herein have been reviewed and are on file with an independent investigative entity} O’Neal’s ‘Vicious’ message to Victim DOCUMENTATION IDENTIFYING SEAN O’NEAL ARE LINKED BELOW Sean O’Neals US-Passport Sean O’Neal-Mexico Residency Card

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