EMPIRE HYDROGEN {Investors Cautioned}


Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems

{Investors claim capital stolen from previous venture “Marenor Fish Ranches Inc”.}

It is alleged that, In 1986 Tjelta was raising funds for a startup, “Marenor Fish Ranches Inc., Langley, BC Canada”.  In his business dealings with potential investors Tjelta represented himself as a trustee for the safekeeping of funds for the fish ranch project.  Tjelta has a history of developing and raising funds for startup projects.

Sven Roy Tjelta

  • Sven Roy Tjelta – (CEO/President of Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems) –
  • Past President – Marenor Fish Ranches Inc.  #101-20644 Eastleigh Cresent, Langley, BC Canada
  •  Sven O. Tjelta aka: Roy Tjelta vs. Hai Yan Wang: Accused of Fraud in Business       Dealings (Supreme Court British Columbia)

Empire Hydrogen Energy System’s Inc. website describes Tjelta as a management consultant with broad theoretical knowledge and diverse practical experience.  “As an entrepreneur Mr. Tjelta has owned and successfully operated businesses in the following sectors:  auto collision repair, real estate, construction, a health care facility, industrial electronics services, mortgage business, bio-medical technology, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPOS), private placements, medical care clinics, debt counseling and marriage counseling.”

What is not transparent is that Roy Tjelta has been involved in many business ventures that have failed in which he has been accused to have mismanagement or misappropriated investor funds.

According to investors, “Marenor Fish Ranches Inc.” was a startup project for which Tjelta was in charge of raising funds and eventually preparing the company for an IPO.  Investors were promised “Marenor Fish Ranches Inc.” would be a “turnkey” operation.

Investors were given “Subscription Forms” to purchase shares, “Pooling Agreements”-are a contractual arrangement by which corporate shareholders agree that their shares will be voted as a unit. Therefore, a voting trust is created between a group of stockholders and the trustee to whom they transfer their voting rights. “Contracts” for construction along with specific details regarding compliance and other documents were issued in order give the appearance and legitimize their investment.  The shares purchased were to be held in “trust” by Marenor’s Registrar and Transfer Agent (Tjelta) until Marenor became a reporting company and the Superintendent of Brokers of British Columbia authorized the release of Peterson’s share certificates.

Audit Findings – As a result of the dismal cash position of Marenor, the Board of Directors requested an audit of the company be conducted. This was accomplished by Chambers, Phillips & Company, Chartered Public Accountants, 950-409 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6C 172.

In a letter to the shareholders of Marenor they stated, “As disclosed in Note 3 to these financial statements, management has recorded an account receivable of $267,028 owing from a former president (Tjelta) of the company and/or a company controlled by him.” Actually, the audit found that Tjelta had converted, for his personal use; over $400,000 during the time he was President of Marenor, of which $267,028 is outstanding.

Details of disallowed expenditures are listed within the investigators report held as evidence. Tjelta – the former president – could not/and did not pay this receivable back.  In addition, Tjelta was not authorized to ‘borrow’ funds from Marenor.

As a result of the audit findings, on July 9, 1989, “Marenor Fish Ranches Inc.” issued a letter to   the investors stating in part;  “The Company has not been successful in its efforts to get into the business as originally intended. The original funding has been depleted and further funding not found. There are account payables that cannot be paid. Most important, the eight payments of $26,250 due to commence on June 30,1989 (Total -$210,000) to Marenor A.S., to retain the license to use the Marenor  salmon farm system are in default, as legal notice has been served on the company, giving 20 days to have the default remedied, and the license is therefore about to be canceled.”  Thus notifying investors the company could not pay its bills, and their investment is lost.

Rather than trying to reach a compromise with Marenor Fish Ranches Inc. principals and investors at even 10 cents on the dollar – Roy Tjelta filed for Bankruptcy protection on September 6, 1991  evidentially to avoid paying the investor back what was owed them.

Roy Tjelta past Practices – It appears Tjelta has left a trail of other victims from other investment deals gone wrong.  He was sued in Bellingham, Washington on April 25, 1989 for fraud.  The case was dismissed on August 1, 1997. This was detailed in a Private Investigator’s report dated June 25, 1997.

In 2012 Tjelta filed suit against Hai Yan Wang, a Chinese national, saying he was defamed by Wang in a series of emails she sent to Tjelta’s business associates, detailing his fraudulent business practices. The court eventually found for Tjelta and awarded him $20,000.  The case file details numerous accusations against Tjelta for deceptive business practices and fraud which Wang could not support.

Currently Tjelta is working to raise investor money in his latest endeavor – “Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems Inc.” (http://empire-hydrogen.com/).  The current management team and investors do not appear to be aware of past indiscretions.

Due diligence highly suggested prior to investing with Tjelta or his company(s).

If you have additional information please contact this forum.

{Allegations have been substantiated/evidenced and on file with an independent investigative entity}

LINKS to additional information:





 Yet Another Investment Scheme Uncovered In Stann Creek Belize!!!

{VICTIM Investors and WHISTLEBLOWERS Are Urged To Contact This Forum}

A multinational investigation is underway to evaluate the Investment Offers and Activities of Placencia Health Care Systems LLC, a Florida Domiciled Company founded and operated by Former US Congressman Mr. Richard “DICK” Robert Chrysler III of Stann Creek Belize (Placencia Resort) and Forrest Lee Bledsoe of Boward County Florida.


A due diligence investigation has been commissioned in relation to a pending lawsuit to be filed in Court in the state of Florida at the behest of a group of investors. The investor group claim that between 2014 & 2016 they were victims of fraudulent misrepresentation by Mr. Dick Chrysler, Forrest Bledsoe and one of their alleged accomplices Mr. Marco Caruso also a Stann Creek Belize.  Mr. Chrysler originally from Brighten Michigan is believed to be the guiding mind behind the alleged investment scheme. 

Mr. Caruso has been at the heart of numerous complaints of investment fraud related to the development of the Placencia Resort, Marina and Airport in Stann Creek located in southern Belize.

According to statements made by creditors, investors were enticed to purchase shares in an unregistered ‘Security’ referred to as “Shares” in the Florida company, which were sold at a rate of $50,000.00 [Fifty Thousand US Dollars] each for an aggregate of  $1,200,000.00 [One Million Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars] to a number of investors.  The investors were promised annual returns of 12% on said Securities with a maturity date of January 2020. The investors were directed to wire their money to Bank of America located in Weston, Florida.

Since the maturity date of January 2020, investor have been attempting to contact Dick Chrysler and Forrest Bledsoe who refuse to return their principle investment or fail to communicate with the victims.

       Allegations made against Richard “Dick” Chrysler and Forrest Bledsoe include:

  • Failure to register securities offerings in the State of Florida and the United States generally
  • Misappropriation of investor proceeds to principle enrichment of company principal(s)
  • Conversion of investor proceeds for undesignated purposes
  • Negligent misrepresentation of investment products and promised returns
  • Breach of trust and fiduciary duties
  • Securities Fraud, Conspiracy, Wire Fraudunder 18 U.S. Code § 1961


Should you have information that may assist the victims in this alleged fraud scheme PLEASE contact this forum and you will be put in touch with the legal team in charge of this matter. All information will be treated as confidential.

Are you an investor in Placencia Health Care Systems who is interested to join the claimant group and possibly pursue civil, regulatory and/or criminal remedies contact this forum for additional information.

[email protected]


Beware Timeshare Resale Scams


Have you been approached by an offer to good to be true to purchase your timeshare. Most times they seem too good to be true, your instincts are probably correct. Fictitious companies such as Great Value Vacations Mexico aka: Stayforlong working with JJ Edwards law firm purportedly of Colorado claim to be looking to buy your time share for 4 to 5 times its value if you will pay for the taxes or the closing costs to get the deal done.

The scammers will contact you making an offer. Then you will be referred to a law firm paralegal such as “Justin Tillmen” or “Abraham Chizeum” of the JJ Edwards law firm who will broker and facilitate the deal. All they will facilitate is your money leaving your account and never coming back.

JJ Edwards will ask you to wire funds to a bank account to cover the “taxes” and/or “closing costs” to an agent in Mexico. Once they receive your money they promise to close the sale you will receive the proceeds. In reality you will receive nothing.

If you have been  been a victim of these fraud or a similar one, please contact: [email protected]

The US Federal Trades Commission are Actively Investigating These Types of Frauds! We are seeking vetted Victims and WhistleBlowers to provide additional information to support a referral to US Department of Justice officials for Criminal Prosecution.


Marco Caruso
Marco Caruso


Millions of Dollars, in what is being called a major fraud scheme allegedly perpetrated by Marco Caruso and his associates.

According to the allegations Marco Caruso and Michela Bardini of Placencia Residences in Belize enticed and misrepresented investment opportunities in various resort development and residential projects in Southern Belize.

The development Projects in Belize include:


This was posted on Facebook on July 23rd, 2020 by Gina Gray.  The contented has been edited for clarity.   

BELIZE FIREWORKS POST!!—Opportunistic Duo at Mile 13 in Placencia Use the Covid 19 Shut Down to Escalate Their Agenda to Prey on Foreign Investors

My name is Gina Gray, and I OWN a Villa on the beach and “an empty lot” at Mile 13 in Placencia that I purchased in 2012. It’s located within “The Placencia” which is a property that is constantly presented to the public eye as “The Beauty of Belize.” However, when you arrive at Mile 13, you would have to literally be blind to not notice the apocalyptic scene immediately prior to the Casino entrance.     The developers of this empire are Marco Caruso and Michela Bardini, an Italian Duo who are professional con artists. The unfinished structure, fenced off with  rusted tin wall, is a poor attempt to hide one of the first stages within their ruse to romance foreigners into investing millions of dollars in developments that never came to fruition.

These UNFINISHED sites include a large retail center, medical facility, marina community, airport project, golf course community and prestigious residential community which largely remain mere concrete structures.    .

I also have photos of the “prestigious residential community” called “The Residences of Placencia” where Caruso-Bardini live in a “pre-fab” house.  This very large “Italian style” UNFINISHED estate near the South end of “The Residences” is their very own INCOMPLETE home which they use to lure investors to purchase lots and build homes within the development.  In most cases Caruso acts as the developer and builder.

My lot on the lagoon side remains empty because I was not able to get title to the land even though I paid for it in advance. In fact, many of the people who invested their   retirement funds   LOST it all.

Caruso’s crafty stratagem used for selling and financing the properties, as well as the condominium units within “The Placencia,” included a very simple transfer of retirement funds from PENSCO Trust Fund Co (part of Pacific Premier Trust used to facilitate self- directed IRA’s), This made the transaction fast and simple so investor funds could flow into “The Placencia Group, LLC” bank account rapidly. By 2017, PENSCO no longer allowed investments in Belize because their deceptive practices had been uncovered.

The Italian Duo, Marco Caruso and Michela Bardini are the developers of this empire. They are professional con artists who have been preying on foreign investors, mainly from Canada and the USA, for well over a decade.  I have absolute proof of their facilitated process whereby they avoid paying the foreign exchange rate to Central Bank of Belize—which handily renders the transfer of land title unattainable.  

Caruso and Bardini also receive an extremely reduced rate for property taxes paid to the Land’s Department on their developments. When the property is transferred the tax rate increases drastically when a “foreign investor” submits a Transfer of Title request. This effectively stops the process because of the high tax rate hinders further development.

(The last time I counted, there are 8 skeletal UNFINISHED houses that symbolically represent dead retirement dreams of honest people who trusted the Caruso-Bardini Duo to use their hard-earned money to build a home on the lot they purchased for between $250-$400,000 US dollars plus the cost to have the Duo build their home.)  In addition to their tax schemes they also manipulate the hotel tax they pay into the BTB by fraudulently reporting the rentals they collect, which benefits their overall tax evasion scheme, and literally takes tax dollars right out of Belizean hands.

I spent 6 months living in Belize in 2018, attempting to procure the land titles to the 2 properties I rightfully own. I paid the Caruso-Bardini Duo over $700,000 US dollars, and I have an extremely detailed map following the money trail from my bank account to theirs, “The Placencia Group, LLC”. This detail was given to the FIU of Belize for their investigation, with no efforts taken by them to date. The trail starts with transfer of my funds into their bank account, then continues into convoluted darkness as the process begins toward attainment of the “ultimate fruit of the land purchase” or the elusive Land Title. “   

The issue of who holds the title to my land is in question.  During the first court hearing, The attorney representing Caruso proclaimed that, “Obligation to comply with the Foreign Exchange Act was JOINT” meaning I, the Purchaser, was obligated to pay the exchange rate for the sale’s transaction when I purchased land from the Caruso-Bardini Duo, not them, as the Sellers.

This is still unresolved, even though during the hearing, I offered to PAY THE EXCHANGE RATE amount that was due based on the sales contract in order to get my Land Title. Judge Shona Griffith ruled that my title would NEVER be issued because the “transaction was non-compliant with the Foreign Exchange Control Act.” However, she threw me a bone when she did not render my contract void, so I would be able to sue the sellers in a separate case! Does this sound anything like JUSTICE? (The entire Ruling can be seen on the “web” if you search Supreme Court of Belize, Claim No. 357 of 2019.)

It seems Caruso and Bardini are now taking advantage of the current lockdown to advance yet another wave of corruption and strategic robbery from foreign investors who are now locked out of Belize. I know that “The Placencia” has been accommodating guests for many weeks now, since the Covid-19 pandemic has been engulfing the world. They proudly post photos of this activity. It’s created yet another perfect environment for the Caruso-Bardini Duo, who are now partnered with another like-minded corrupt parasitical entity, Muy’Ono, to steal rental dollars from owners of condominium units within “The Placencia”.

(Gray alleges Caruso, Bardini and Muy’Ono rent owner’s condos out, per agreement, but keep the rental income for themselves)

These two greedy entities, make their fortune usurping rental money from owners once we’ve returned to our own countries. They survive like the parasites they are, profiting from rental money they collect from vacationers, but never honor the foreign owners by passing the funds back into our bank accounts. Nor do they pay their obligatory dues back to the BTB in order to benefit the citizens of Belize.

I learned this truth by walking into the BTB office myself, and requesting evidence of taxes that were paid on the rentals reported for my Villa since my ownership. I was first told this was impossible because “The Placencia” had failed to report rental income PER RENTAL UNIT AS REQUIRED over the past years. My next visit, the message to me changed to ,”I had no right to that information” even though I AM the rightful owner. This translates to, in Belize, foreign owners have NO rights. My next inquiry, I was told I needed to get that information from “The Placencia” which is why I feel like the quest to attain things like a return on your investment or even your Land Title in Belize is like getting lost in one of their dark Caves. I’ve been fighting this for years, since 2012, with no resolution.

As if that’s not bad enough, now that we’re locked out of the country, here’s their new game. Last weekend, I took a reservation from a local Belizean guest who arrived at my villa for a weekend stay. When they entered my villa, there was no electricity or water. When they asked at the reception area for it to be turned on, their request fell on deaf ears. They were forced to leave since they could not be properly accommodated. The resort was open and guests were all around being served—just not MY guests! The Caruso-Bardini Duo takes these actions because they believe they are entitled to my property, and they have benefitted financially from that modus operandi for the past 8+ years.

This is just a small portion of my “UNBELIZABLE STORY” regarding my incredibly disappointing investment in real estate in Belize. I do not regret my investment in the beautiful country or the lovely indigenous people. I will remain passionately invested in those things and their causes. My regret is getting caught in the web of corruption that is deeply connected from Mile 13 in Placencia to Belize City and it’s attached to every important government office in between!.  I’ve been attempting to procure my Land Title, and attain a legitimate return on my financial investment in rental income property at “The Placencia” for a much-needed break from the darkness. I’ve returned to the USA to investigate some expanded options available to me from “this side”. Social media is our only resource at this time in our world, and the platform has become incredibly powerful. So, it’s time for me to make use of it.


If you are a victim of a similar fraud or should you have information that may assist the victims in this alleged fraud scheme PLEASE contact this forum and you will be put in touch with an investigator working with the legal team in this matter. All information will be treated as confidential.

[email protected]

BINARY OPTIONS FRAUD Investor Recovery Services

Binary Options Forex Fraud

Binary Options Fraud

For HELP Contact today: [email protected]

Online trading scams are out there. Traders must be suspicious

BEWARE OF: Online-Binary Options, FOREX, CFD trading & Crypto Trading Platforms

Online trading has become a common tool for small and independent investors.

Back in 2005, binary options boomed, and the promises of easy trading and high returns lured millions of users from around the world.

Unfortunately, these new and fancy trading tools are often operated by the same old scammers that have took the world by storm with binary option platforms. Creating new types of trading allowed financial scammers to build a mine field; every move is another option to make money directly from their customers, backed up with false hopes and dreams that are pumped to excite their way out of money.

Once a Scam is exposed, the scammers simply change the name and register a new company in a different country. Using fake names and locations (just as the binary fraud managed to keep working for so long) many CFD trading platforms and crypto trading platforms keep under the radar, making it impossible to know for sure to know the true identities of the people in charge of the frauds.

It took over 10 years for the global financial authorities to notice the tremendous amounts of money disappearing using this type of scam trading and exposing the tactics of the biggest global financial fraud we have experienced in the last decade.

Yet, although financial authorities have restricted, sanctioned and shut down many scam companies, regulating the field for the targeted investors, these scam companies have found a way to continue scamming through newer mediums.

Once the world started to recognize that binary options is a lie; an elaborated scam built to take every cent they can, and repaying nothing but stress and tragedies, platforms suddenly started to vanish as if they are a world known magician, leaving thousands of investors heart broken and in big financial debt.

 “Victims Take Action”

Private investors, scam victims, think that they have nowhere to turn too, they have been scammed out of their money, which is not backed up by any government or financial authority.

After years of helping binary options scam victims, our associate partners specialize in services that have helped investors recover more than £10 million.

Our team of field experts are equipped with the knowledge to help scam victims that have lost faith after trading with binary options, CFD’s and Crypto trading platforms.

Have you been exposed to a fraudulent binary option/ CFD trading/ crypto trading platform?

If you have been lured by these criminals and lost $5,000 USD or more Contact this forum for a free consultation.

Contact for help today:   [email protected]


Consumer Warning: TERRA NEX GROUP


A credibility assessment is being conducted in response to a consumer complaints regarding Swiss National

David Heimhofer

David F. Heimhofer

DAVID FERDINAND HEIMHOFER [Passport#F3343825]  and his multitude of global business entities.

Partner investor(s) have filed a complaint alleging that Heimhofer entered into agreements in which profits were made and Heimhofer refuses to return any of the investors principal or promised returns totaling Millions of dollars.  Allegations involve conversion, theft and unlawful transfer and conveyance of financial instruments to secrete the illicit proceeds.

David Heimhofer is known to operate various Shell companies purporting to specialize in solar and green energy projects in-Bahrain, BVI, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Heimhofer related companies include: Terra Nex Company Group Limited,  Terra Nex Financial Engineering, Terra Sola Ventures,Terra Nex Financial Engineering AG,  Terra Nex Family Office Ltd.,Terra Nex Fund Advisor W.L.L., Terra Nex Asset Management,  Simplon Ltd. SPC fund, Global Investment & Financial Engineering Ltd.,  Middle East Best Select GmbH, TNC Fund Advisors Ltd.,



The objective of this notice is twofold:

  1. To verify [prove or disprove] the credibility of the allegations.
  2. To identify any additional aggrieved clients of Heimhofer in order to form an ‘action committee’ with a view to explore and determine if pursuit of legal or regulatory intervention may be  viable and warranted.

Should anyone have experience positive or negative with David Heimhofer or any of his companies, or information regarding the allegations addressed herein or similar concerns relating to an investment with David Heimhofer you are URGED to contact this forum. All responses will be treated as confidential.

(The issue of this bulletin is in NO way proof of wrong doing. All parties are afforded the presumption of innocence)

Ron & Travis Cadman Cross-Border Schemes

CBI/CADMAN Victims issue a warning!!!!

Between 2006 and 2010, Alberta [Red Deer/Sylvan Lake] native Brothers Travis and Ronald CADMAN doing business as “CBI” [Cadman Brothers Inc.] are alleged to have defrauded thousands of investors of approximately $100,000,000 [CAD] by way of misrepresentations and omissions.

Ron Travis Cadman

               Ron & Travis Cadman

The schemes involved numerous “Real estate land development projects”, all of which failed to produce the promised profits and caused the loss of nearly ALL of the victims principle cash investments. In most cases hardworking and often elderly Canadians have been left destitute with NO savings with which to retire

The Cadman’s and/or their companies have been the target of a numerous ‘Class Action’ lawsuits in Canada which have reaped very little in the way of returns to the victims.

The Alberta Securities Commission has investigated and sanctioned both Travis and Ronald Cadman on multiple occasions over the last decade, but all of the activity has failed to return any of the illicit proceeds to the victim investors. *[see links to ASC below]

Travis Cadman during testimony to the ASC admitted ‘CBI’ had “raised $73,457,000 from at least 2600 investors over the years.”]

Subsequent to being banned by the ASC from being a principle in any company or investment entity in Canada for Securities crimes, the Cadmans seemingly ‘relocated’ their operations and their stolen cash assets out of Canada, some [several million dollars] of which have been invested in real estate in Arizona and Texas.

It would seem that the objective was to extract as much money as possible from Canadian investors and then move the money outside of the borders of Canada to the United States and elsewhere as to make the recovery of the funds out of reach of the Canadian Courts.

These schemes were perpetrated utilizing more than 40 different companies in the US and Canada have been identified as being connected to the CADMAN’s various alleged schemes.

Some of the investors has recently learned of an effort within the United States to make the Cadman’s account for there misdeeds.

A source within the Justice community in the USA indicates there are ongoing investigations into the Cadman’s and their business activities in the states.  A separate source also advised that legal actions are underway in US Courts targeting more that $20,000,000 million worth of assets owned by the Cadman’s in the states of Arizona and Texas.

See the list of companies discovered so far that make up parts of this horrendous theft from hardworking and often elderly Canadians:

Keystone Real Estate Investment Corp-Alberta

CBI Investments Ltd.-Alberta

CBI Capital Inc.-Alberta

Frank Capital Partners Inc.-Alberta

Cadman Investments Ltd.-Alberta

744988 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

11244344 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

1124352 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

Diamond Key Capital Corporation-Alberta

Diamond Key Holdings Ltd.-Alberta

Diamond Key Developments Ltd.-Alberta

Lake House Investments Ltd.-Alberta

Lake House Capital Ltd.-Alberta

Keystone Business Park Inc.-Alberta

KBP Capital Corp.-Alberta

Arizona Capital Fund Inc.-Alberta

Timber Rock Holdings Ltd.-Alberta

AZ Mortgage Corp.-Alberta

Chestermere Lands Development Corporation-Alberta

1588787 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

1239694 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

Cachet Fine Homes Ltd.-Alberta

Arizona Investar Corp.-Arizona USA

Cadman Properties Inc.-Arizona USA

Arizona Acquisition Fund Corporation-Arizona USA

Sonoma Investar General Partner Inc.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Gardens (Phoenix), LP.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Gardens (Phoenix), LLLP.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Investar, LP.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Gardens, LP.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Gardens, LLLP.-Arizona USA

VOS Holdings, LLP.-Arizona USA

VOS Holdings GP, Inc.-Arizona USA

VOS Holding, LP.-Arizona USA

VOS Holding GP, Inc.-Arizona USA

Renue Properties (Sonoma Gardens) Arizona, Inc.-Arizona USA

Southwest Contracting (AZ) Inc.-Arizona USA

Diamond Key Homes, LLC-Arizona USA

Cadman Investments LLC-Arizona USA

Valley of the Sun Real Estate Management Inc.-Arizona USA

Diamond Key Homes, LLC-Delaware USA

Cherokee Partners, LLC-Delaware USA

Compass Investar LP-Texas USA

VOS Holding GP, Inc.-Texas USA

Compass Investar General Partner Corporation-Texas USA

Donovan Investar General Partner, Inc.-Texas USA

Donovan Investar Limited Partnership-Texas USA

[additional companies are under investigation outside of the USA and Canada which we have been asked to remain confidential in the interest of ongoing investigations]

If you were a victim of these fraudsters soon there will be additional information and a link to make contact with US Investigators to help bring these criminals to justice, so stay tuned.

*Alberta Securities Commission Links:





Worldwide Markets

{ Victim investors urged to contact this forum IMMEDIATELY -have their claim evaluated to join the group recovery effort}


Warning Has Been Issued Regarding



Worldwide Markets Ltd.-claims to be located at the following address in the BVI:


Trident Chambers, Number 146, Road Town Tortola, British Virgin Islands


The address they list is simply an offshore “Company Registrars” office and ‘WORLDWIDE’ appears to have NO physical presence in the BVI and all officers of the company appear to be based in the United States.


FPA “Traders Court” warns caution dealing with this company.



WWM is alleged to be a HIGHLY sophisticated multi-jurisdictional financial scheme-a typical lawsuit is not likely to recover your investment.


Investors were directed to wire their funds to open a new account or deposit additional capital to bank accounts in the United Kingdom and the East African island nation of Mauritius.


Victim compliant #16

“After depositing Hundreds of Thousands into a trading account with WorldWide Markets, in July 2017 Worldwide Markets stopped honoring my requests to withdraw cash.  They stopped communicating, stopped answering telephone calls, and stopped responding to my emails. They effectively disappeared off the radar. 

There was a complete black out of communication by Worldwide and then in January 2018 I could no longer access my account at its usual address.  I have sent emails to the back office, Arthur Dembro, Edward Liva, Justin Liva, and 6 other listed email addresses for Worldwide about the situation and requesting that my account be liquidated and closed. I also requested that all cash be withdrawn and returned to me.  There was no answer or response”

{Many reports of similar experiences have been reported by other investor victims some are included at the base of this report}


Worldwide Markets state on their website that they provide online trading in spot Forex and commodities both retail and institutional – and US Stock and Options.  Hedge Funds and other Managed Account investments are also offered to qualified customers.

Established by the founders of FX Solutions, WorldWideMarkets is the trading name of WorldWideMarkets Ltd., is licensed with and regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, and its UK subsidiary WorldWideMarkets Online Trading Ltd., which is FCA-regulated.

The broker provides retail traders with the opportunity to trade forex, gold, oil, global stock market indices and other CFD instruments, as well as US stocks and options. It also provides institutional level trading via Currenex and a range of Managed account products for qualified customers.

Worldwide Markets Ltd states it established regulatory hubs in Europe and the Americas. In the UK they are authorized by UK Financial Conduct Authority (Registration # 604779).  In Europe – the Markets Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID) – a European Union law that regulates investment services. They are also registered and licensed by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC): License # SIBA/L/11/0960 (Licensed in BVI 23 November 2017).


Company Officers of WWM and associated entities:

(See WWM “SLIDESHARE” Link below)

WWM Slideshare Presentation


Thomas F. Plaut  – Chairman & CEO

Justin T. Liva – Chief Operating Officer

Edward L. Liva – Chief Legal Officer

Arthur J. Dembro – Chief Financial Officer


Investigation indicates Worldwide Markets Ltd. and/or its Officers to be connected to the following related companies:


TAB Networks, Inc.Florida-USA [Inactive]




TAB Networks, Inc.Delaware & New Jersey-USA [Office-Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey]


JUSTIN LIVA-Vice President

EDWARD LIVA-Compliance Officer



Worldwide Markets Online Trading Limited-UK





Greenwood Financial Advisory Services-Massachusetts-USA



View Trade Securities LLC-Delaware/Florida/New York-USA {Office Morristown, New Jersey}

JAMES ST. CLAIR {Sinclair}-Director


GAIN Capital Holdings-UK




I made an attempt to withdraw my deposit since April and Still have not received the Funds and its now August. They claim they are having bank issues and once clear they will make the transfer. Is this a red flag right away? Please beware of this broker, I warned you. In the meantime i will update you if i ever get my wire. In the process of creating a class action lawsuit with other clients that are experiencing the same.”


 Beware.. Beware.. Beware of WorldWideMarkets, “the biggest scamming broker in the world”!

“Last Week, WWM had stolen all my profits and closed my account for paltry and unjustified reasons, after I made some serious profits using my technique, which shook their credibility and got sweat trickling down their cheeks. I’m now in a very bad condition, which caused me serious depression problems. This indicate that it is not a credible company with credible sources as they pretend to be “they pretend to be dealing with the largest banks and be a real broker between the clients and the real market”.   Beware.. Beware.. Beware of these cyber mercenaries, and if you read these words and have not change your mind about them, at some point, you will regret dearly!”  http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/9665/www.worldwidemarkets.com


“First, I would like to apologize about my English, not my native language. I have been the victim of a scam by WorldWide Markets. I trade from Spain, I do not work on any broker , I’m not WorldWide Markets competition, I say it sometimes seems that the good reviews come from friends of the broker and the bad reviews of competition. In my case I am an individual who also have been scammed by WorldWide Markets, they were left with nearly $5,000 of my earnings, they closed my account for no reason and it took a few months to return the money they originally got. WorldWide Markets broker is a scammer; in fact, I had never cheated in this way. For all this I appeal to any who read these lines and is looking for a broker to work . Do not open an account with WorldWideMarkets, if you win some money will be exactly like Monopoly money …. Nothing .If someone wants to widen further information, I have no problem doing . I hope , at least I can help someone hesitant to fall into the hands of these unpreventable.”    Alberto



“When an investor opens a Worldwide Markets Ltd account he/she will see modest gains in the first few months.  These are shown to the investor through “Screen Shots”.  The investor would then usually request a withdrawal, sometimes the withdrawal was authorized, mostly the investor was told, “there are open positions which you cannot see” therefore, the withdrawal was not authorized.   Over time, the investment would grow on the screen; however, withdrawal requests were not authorized.  Worldwide Markets Ltd account executives used a varied array of excuses to delay or deny withdrawals.  Eventually, the account would be wiped out and the monies gone. Like a “Ponzi Scheme” money was only paid out when new investors came in.”


JOIN the VICTIM RECOVERY GROUP and let Justice be served.

A North American based recovery effort is being facilitated by a ‘Global’ consortium of experts in “Financial Crimes” .  If you would like your claim to be included please contact this forum ASAP.  

[email protected]


GNTFX Forex Fraud

GNTFX is a HIGHLY sophisticated scheme; a typical lawsuit will not be effective in recovering funds stolen.

An effort is underway to assemble a group of INVESTOR/VICTIMS in an effort to mount a global criminal investigation and organize a formal effort to recover money Stolen from Investors.

Contact this forum IMMEDIATELY if you were of victim of:

GNTFX  [https://www.gntfx.com/]

Casper Mikkelsen CASPER MIKKELSEN [aka: Brain Thompson and Carsten Nielson]

FlipSide FX,

Robert Andersen

Maibrit Christiansen

[A North American based recovery effort is being facilitated by a Team of international Asset Recovery Experts in “Financial Crimes”.]

If you would like to be included please contact:.   [email protected]

Research suggests GNTFX is/was a poorly managed FOREX trading scheme purported to operate from offices in Belize City, Belize. However, GNTFX was actually conspired by CASPER MIKKELSEN who directed and managed the SCAM from his home located at 38 Fynsvej St., 6000 Kolding, DENMARK.

CASPER MIKKELSEN is alleged to have had an accomplice located in America in the state of Colorado who facilitated the formation of the Colorado domiciled [LLC] company GNT GROUP Ltd. [Company Reg.#20161567316]  in August of 2016. It is alleged that this company was used to open bank accounts in America to facilitate the theft of significant amount of investors funds.

The perpetrators and account executives utilized aliases to protect their identities.  Brian Thompson is reported to be the owner of GNTFX; however his true name has been revealed to be CASPER Mikkelsen Fraudulent PassportMIKKELSEN aka: Carsten Nielsen (Shown here a fraudulent passport allegedly utilized by MIKKELSEN.)  MIKKELSEN is believed to be ‘scienter and guiding mind’ behind criminal enterprise involving multiple trading programs over the past ten years that have defrauded thousands of investors in excess of $10,000,000 USD  [TEN MILLION DOLLARS] worldwide.

Casper Mikkelsen Maibrit Christiansen


It is also reported that CASPER has been assisted by his girlfriend and world traveling partner MAIBRIT CHRISTIANSEN, featured here together with CASPER while vacationing in New Zealand in 2017.



CASPER MIKKELSEN touted that GNTFX was established to provide traders with the most opportunities available on financial markets. They offered the best products, technologies and services, so that the needs of every trader were fully satisfied, regardless of your trading experience or skill level. https://www.gntfx.com/


How they stole Investors Money:

When an investor opened a GNTFX Power Trader account he/she will see modest gains in the first few months.  These are shown to the investor through “Screen Shots”.  The investor would then usually request a withdrawal, sometimes the withdrawal was authorized, mostly the investor was told, “there are open positions which you cannot see” therefore, the withdrawal was not authorized.   Over time, the investment would grow on the screen; however, withdrawal requests were not authorized.  GNTFX account executives used a varied array of excuses to delay or deny withdrawals.  Eventually, the account would be wiped out and the monies gone.  Like a “Ponzi Scheme” money was only paid out when new investors came in.

On 29 August 2017, the Office of the International Financial Services Commission, Sir Edney Cain Building, Belmopan, Belize, C.A. issued a warning notice against GNTFX.  That notice stated:

It has come to the notice of the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) that an entity calling itself ‘GNTFX’ is falsely claiming to be at registered office address, Marina Towers, Belize City, Belize C.A. The representation made on the website, https://www.gntfx.com/  to that effect and any correspondence received from GNTFX with the above mailing address is inaccurate and misleading. We confirm that “GNTFX” is not registered as a company nor licensed by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize or any other competent authority in Belize to engage in any type of trading business.


GNTFX is therefore directed to cease and desist from carrying on with the said unlicensed activities which constitute an offence under the laws of Belize.

All persons concerned are warned to take note and exercise extreme caution.” 





[A North American based recovery effort is being facilitated by a Team of international Asset Recovery Experts in “Financial Crimes”.]

If you would like to be included please contact:.   [email protected]

Glenridge Capital – PONZI

Glenridge Capital


A serious effort is underway working with victim investors to assemble a group effort to mount a global criminal investigation and organized recovery exercise.

Contact us IMMEDIATELY If you were a victim of:

Glenridge Capital                                                                            Grey Mountain Management                                                      BSD Options www.bsdoption.com
Lybss Limited
Oracle Stone Ltd
Sky Runway Ltd

Avoid Jake Lewis {AKA: Levis}, David Coleman (DC) Managing Partner BSD OPTIONS & Bruce Summers BSD (VIP) Department. [It is believed all of these people are operating under assumed names to avoid detection]

BSD OPTIONS was HIGHLY sophisticated FRAUDULENT Investment scheme; a typical lawsuit will not return your lost money.

 A North American based recovery effort is being organized by an international consortium of expert “Financial Crimes” asset recovery professionals.

If you would like to be included please contact this forum ASAP!!!

  [email protected]

BSDOption claims to be a binary options trading brokerage based in Liverpool, England. Additionally, it claims to offer online binary options trading platform.

BSDOption broker warning mentions the official website where the broker operates through. The website is bsdoption.com. Moreover, reportedly Lybss Ltd. operates the website and company named YDBM Ltd. owns it. BSDOption, operated by Lybss Ltd. and owned by YDBM Ltd. (collectively, the Parties)

How they took Investors Money:

When an investor opens a BSD Options and/or Grey Mountain account he/she will see modest gains in the first few months.  These are shown to the investor through “Screen Shots”.  The investor would then usually request a withdrawal, sometimes the withdrawal was authorized, mostly the investor was told, “there are open positions which you cannot see” therefore, the withdrawal was not authorized.   Over time, the investment would grow on the screen; however, withdrawal requests were not authorized.  BSD Options and/or Grey Mountain account executives used a varied array of excuses to delay or deny withdrawals.  Eventually, the account would be wiped out and the monies gone. Like a “Ponzi Scheme” money was only paid out when new investors came in.

A company called Grey Mountain Management,” located at Ulysses House, Foley Street, in Dublin, Ireland. This firm, claims to provide “white label” services for dozens of binary options websites, and named its company directors as Liam Grainger and Ryan Coates.  Liam Grainger had been the director of dozens of other companies, including Narect Ltd. and Coral Petroleum Ltd., a company that was recently at the center of a $2 billion dispute among Russian oligarchs, as well as Multisports & Image Management (M.I.M.)

In another independent article https://www.timesofisrael.com/lost-your-money-to-binary-options-heres-how-some-victims-got-it-back/  this information was confirmed.

BSD Options is a SCAM!!!! My friends and I just lost 100,000s of dollars. We invested with them, and they took our money and placed losing trades on our accounts and then blocked us from contacting them! When we asked for withdrawals they would always make excuses until we called them out and then they completely cut contact with us”. If your are not certain with whom you have dealt with, “Check your credit cards, if there is a charge from “fbx  (bsd options)” or “Grey Mountain management” it’s from them”.

Research into BDS Options and/or Grey Mountain suggests it is a poorly managed trading scam.  This is how it works:

  • If a client is making more money than the company, then an employee is told to rig the trading platform. Alternatively, an employee would be told not to allow withdrawals for clients.  Some trades are real, but the majorities are not. Often, if the client is making money the company will email the employee or the platform provider telling them to rig the platform, eventually all the money is lost into the pockets of the company and it employees.  Every binary option company has their own methods but this is generally how it works.
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