SMH Panama – FRAUD

SMH Panana

Files Phony Bankruptcy Proceedings in Panama in order to  “WRITE OFF” $55 Million+ of Investor Funds


A multinational criminal investigation is underway into the ‘Business’ practices of Schweizerische Metalhandels Panama SA [SMHPA], Schweizerische Metallhandels AG Switzerland [SMHAG] SMH Schweizerische Metallhandels AG Deutschland [SMHDE] and SMH Beteiligungs GmbH

The inquiry has been commissioned at the behest of a group of investors who have been victims of fraudulent misrepresentation by the principles of SMH.

During the relevant period from August 2010 to October of 2016 SMH PA in conjunction with SMH AG (Swiss) and SMH DE (Germany) sold more than USD $50,000,000 in Metals investments to as many as 500 private investors. When in fact less that 30% of the metals were ever inventoried and of the metals that did exists they were overpriced, fraudulently marketed and of subpar quality.


SMH Schweizerische Metalhadels Panama SA [SMH PA] was established on August 4th, 2010, by Eugene Richard Walter ROSSMANN, Peter Bernd STEHLING, Ulrich Alfred SCHWARK, all under the ‘watchful eye’ of Alexander HOFMANN all German Citizens allegedly aided by Günther & Maassen of Germany.

Eugene Richard Walter ROSSMANN, Peter Bernd STEHLING, Ulrich SCHWARK looked after the day to day administration of the Panama operation.  According to their publicity and marketing materials, their goal was “to adopt the successful business model from Schweizerische Metallhandels AG Switzerland [SMH AG] for the American market”.


SMHPA {Panama} was incorporated in Panama on 4th August 2010 and initially had the following Directors:


{According to the Panama Law-Suit Filed, RICHARD WALTER ROSSMANN is listed as “Treasurer” of SMHPA}

Other non-arms length Companies related to SMHPA:

  • Swiss Metal Assets LLC (2011-New York)
  • Swiss Metals Overseas S.A. (2013-Panama)
  • Swiss Metals Latin America SA (2014-Panama)
  • Swiss Prime Metals SA (Panama-2010)

SMHAG {Switzerland}Founded in Zurich on March 26th 2009.

The Company Registry lists the following Officers:

  • President of Board of Directors: GUIDO ROSSMAN
  • Member (Representative): FELIX SUTER

 §  Registered Address {Nov 2016}: Law office Felix Suter, Minervastrasse 3, 8032 Zurich§

Website Listed Addresses: Loch 1306, 9428 Walzenhausen, Switzerland§

Website Registration: Ludwigstrab 19 97688 Bad Kissingen Germany {Same address as SMH Germany}§

Contact Telephone Number:+41718861950§  Company

Registration Number: CH17030332710§  Activities: Wholesale of Metals and Metal Ores

SMHAG {“Deutschland”/Germany}-founded on May 23rd, 2013.

Member Man. Board-Director: ALEXANDER HOFMANN

Member (Representative):  YVONNE KUHNE

Registered Address: Ludwigstrab 19 97688 Bad Kissingen Germany·

Website: ·

Contact Telephone Number:+49-611-880-4090·

Company Registration Number: DE16511750

Activities: Wholesale of non-ferrous ores, non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous

Haines & Maassen  {Metallhandelsgesellschaft mbH}              {Has been identified as a partner and metals wholesaler to SMH AG in marketing materials.}

  • Managing Director: GUNTHER MAASSEN
  • Managing Director: HARTWIG MAASSEN Jr.
  • Principle Shareholder: HARTWIG MAASSEN Sr.
  • Registered Address: Pützchens Chaussee 60 53227 Bonn Germany
  • Website:·
  • Contact Telephone Number:+49-228-946510
  • Company Registration Number:  DE01737172·
  • Activities: Wholesale of metals and metal ores


Guido RossmanGuido Rossmann [also spelled Roßmann]

DOB – 31 August 1965.

Member of Board – SMH  Schweizerische Metallhandels    AG Deutschland

President – SMH AG Switzerland

Shareholder – SMH Beteiligungs GmbH

Linked to the following addresses:

  • Distelweg 4, 97616 Bad Neustadt, Germany (on 23 May 2013)
  • Am Pfaffenfad 14, 97720 Nüdlingen, Germany (on 8 February 2011 and 10 October 2011)

Alexander HoffmanAlexander Hofmann

DOB – 5 January 1966

Director – SMH AG Switzerland

Sole Director – SMH  Schweizerische Metallhandels    AG Deutschland

Shareholder – SMH Beteiligungs GmbH

Linked to following addresses:

  • Nüdlinger Str. 50, 97688 Bad Kissingen – Hausen, Germany
  • Seestrasse 13A, 9320 Arbon, Switzerland (last confirmation: before 2014)
  • Loch 1305, 9428 Walzenhausen, Switzerland (last confirmation: before 2014)

Eugene Richard Walter RossmanEugene “Richard” Walter Rossmann     aka: Roßmann

DOB – 3 June 1955

Founding Member/Treasurer – SMH Panama

Director/Treasurer – Swiss Metals Overseas SA – Panama

Director/Shareholder – SMH Beteiligungs GmbH

Linked to the following addresses:

  • Finsterlohr 9, 97993 Creglingen-Finsterlohr, Germany
  • Seestrasse 13A, 9320 Arbon, Switzerland (2017)
  • via Fiorita 4F, 6977 Ruvigliana, Switzerland
  • 100 Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, London, EC4A 1BN, UK

Ulrich SchwarkUlrich Alfred Schwark

DOB – 13 July 1963

President – SMH Panama

Linked to following Address:

PH Belevediere, Piso 17.0 Penthouse Coco del Mar Corregimiento de San Fransisco – Panama City, Republic of Panama

Schwark is/was involved to 54 companies in Panama. Ulrich Alfred Schwark currently holds seven different posts such as subscriber, treasurer, agent, director, president and secretary of eight companies in Panama.

Felix Suter {Zurich Based Attorney}

Registered Member – SMH AG Switzerland

Linked to the following Address:

Minervastrasse 3, 8032 Zurich

Julliette PasserJuliette Mayabelle Passer-Muslin

DOB – 1 July 1960

Director – Swiss Metals Assets LLC {New York}

President/Director – Panamanagement Corporation {Panama}

Representative – Panamanagement Advisors Corp {Panama}

Linked to the following addresses:

  • 445 Park Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10022
  • 412 Oakwood Road, Port Jefferson,  NY 11777
  • 138 Park Avenue, Manhasset, NY 11030
  • 71 Hillside Avenue, Manhasset, NY 11030

PASSER has approximately 20 US companies and just as many Panama companies registered to her.  She is a native of Eastern Europe either Ukraine or Russia.  She is an attorney entered to the New York Bar in 1991. She appears to have immigrated and attend school in the US in 1977 and travels frequently to Panama

PASSER is also the lawyer and personal representative of Birgit RUNGE wife of Peter Bernd STEHLING {Director of SMH Panama} as well as an agent for the US based companies and banking accounts connected. It is alleged that in may cases investors funds passed through or into PASSER’s US accounts and in numerous cases not the account of SMHPA.

PASSER maintained US based company bank accounts were the recipient of numerous bank wires executed by investors as an entry point for money into the SMH scheme.

Vanessa Theresa SchwarkVanessa “Theresa” Schwark

Daughter of Ulrich Schwark is alleged in the Panama Courts to have assisted her father with Money Laundering and theft of records for SMH offices after the Prosecutor had sealed the offices. It is also alleged that she assisted Ulrich with the theft of Investors Gold from VaultMax storage facility.

Knut AndersenKnut Egil Andersen

President/Director –  Swissmetal Inc. aka: Swiss Metal Assets SA

Director Sales/Marketing – SMH Panama

Linked to address:


Panama, Republic of Panama

Daniel Nance

Daniel Nance

Director Sales & Client Relations – SMH Panama


Should you have information that may assist the victims in this alleged fraud scheme PLEASE contact this forum and you will be put in touch with an investigator working with the legal team in this matter. All information will be treated as confidential.

Are you an investor in SMH who is interested in joining a group effort to possibly pursue recovery by means of civil, regulatory and/or criminal remedies contact this forum for additional information.

BINARY OPTIONS FRAUD Investor Recovery Services

Binary Options Forex Fraud

Binary Options Fraud

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Online trading scams are out there. Traders must be suspicious

BEWARE OF: Online-Binary Options, FOREX, CFD trading & Crypto Trading Platforms

Online trading has become a common tool for small and independent investors.

Back in 2005, binary options boomed, and the promises of easy trading and high returns lured millions of users from around the world.

Unfortunately, these new and fancy trading tools are often operated by the same old scammers that have took the world by storm with binary option platforms. Creating new types of trading allowed financial scammers to build a mine field; every move is another option to make money directly from their customers, backed up with false hopes and dreams that are pumped to excite their way out of money.

Once a Scam is exposed, the scammers simply change the name and register a new company in a different country. Using fake names and locations (just as the binary fraud managed to keep working for so long) many CFD trading platforms and crypto trading platforms keep under the radar, making it impossible to know for sure to know the true identities of the people in charge of the frauds.

It took over 10 years for the global financial authorities to notice the tremendous amounts of money disappearing using this type of scam trading and exposing the tactics of the biggest global financial fraud we have experienced in the last decade.

Yet, although financial authorities have restricted, sanctioned and shut down many scam companies, regulating the field for the targeted investors, these scam companies have found a way to continue scamming through newer mediums.

Once the world started to recognize that binary options is a lie; an elaborated scam built to take every cent they can, and repaying nothing but stress and tragedies, platforms suddenly started to vanish as if they are a world known magician, leaving thousands of investors heart broken and in big financial debt.

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***Brent Borland*** Canyon Acquisitions Fraud??

Investors allege that between 2007 and 2010, hundreds of Canadian residents of Ontario and Quebec invested between $25 and $100

Wayne Robbins

Wayne Robbins

Million Dollars in what is being called a major fraud scheme perpetrated by US based Canyon Acquisitions and affiliated companies.

According the findings of the Ontario Securities Commission, CANYON ACQUISITIONS and it’s principles Brent BORLAND of Delray Beach-Florida, Wayne ROBBINS of Jupiter-Florida and Marco CARUSO of Bedford-Texas, enticed and misrepresented investments in various resort development projects in the Dominican Republic and Southern Belize.

Marco Caruso

Marco Caruso

The development Projects in Belize include:




Developments in the Dominican Republic Include:


The 2013 Canyon and it’s principles were found guilty and a Judgment was issued by the Ontario Securities which stated;

“Canyon U.S., Canyon Nevis, Borland, Robbins, Caruso and the Caruso Companies traded and engaged in, or held themselves out as engaging in, the business of trading in securities, where no exemptions were available, without being registered to trade in securities, contrary to section 25. 

Borland and Robbins, as officers and/or directors of Canyon U.S. and Canyon Nevis, did authorize, permit or acquiesce in the commission of the violations of section 25, 53, 122(1)(a) and 126.2(1) of the Act, set out above, by Canyon U.S. and Canyon Nevis, contrary to section 129.2 of the Act and acted contrary to the public interest of the Act.

Canyon made false and misleading statements in written communications, as described above in paragraph 40(i). By doing so Canyon breached s. 126.2(1) of the Act. Borland made incorrect statements during an interview with Staff. By doing so Borland breached s. 122(1)(a) and contrary to the public interest.”

Canyon breached and is in default of its 2013 settlement agreement with the OSC and delinquent on payments of approximately $1.4M for not following through with the payment of fines, sanctions and disgorgements.

According to sources close to Canyon has operated openly within the US, but has overtly tried to avoid US Securities regulatory requirements to include having advised certain employees and brokers to not solicit from US investors.

Although, court records indicate there have been few lawsuits filed by US investors, there were a few cases where exceptions were made that ended with filing of court actions.

None of the touted projects have ever been completed and Canyon has defaulted on agreements with investors and failed to produce the promised annual returns which were said to have been high as 20%.

To date the investors have lost all of principle. In many cases victims were near or at retirement age having lost their entire retirement savings. While Brent Borland along with his wife Alana LaTorra {Managing Director of Placencia Acquisitions LLC} appear to live a lavish lifestyle among the high society types in the greater Boca Raton/Miami area and Sag Harbor New York.

Brent & Alana Borland

Brent & Alana Borland

A number of investors contacted said that the reason they felt comfortable and confident in the investments with Canyon was that they were assured that their money was safe as they were directed to send their funds to a US Attorney Daniel Holliday III based in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  Investors were told that the Attorney had been retained by Canyon to act as an “Escrow Agent” of behalf of investors and that their money would be held safely in Escrow by Holliday and used only to collateralize the developments.

Recently it’s been learned that an private international group  was hired by investors to launch a global investigation into the allegations.

A source close to the investigation advised that “Canyon” established a sophisticated network of at least 40 offshore companies primarily domiciled in the Caribbean and Central America. Structures of this are commonly used in these types of schemes to launder and/or secrete illicit proceeds.

Borland, Robbins, Caruso and associates appear to be affiliated as a principles of numerous US based companies;

Borland Capital Group, LLCDelaware

Borland Capital Group Management, LLC-Delaware

Borland Capital Group Advisors, LLC-Delaware

Catalyst565, Inc.-Delaware

Canyon Borland, Inc.- Florida

Blueprint Hope Foundation, Inc.-Florida

Placencia Properties, LLC- Florida

Belize Fund Management, LLC-Florida

Sunny Acquisitions-Florida

Beach Acquisitions-Florida

Borluso Autentico-Florida

Terra Azul Development Group-Florida

Internet Marketing Fund-Florida

In Centric Properties, Inc.-Florida

If you have INFORMATION relating to this alleged scheme, Brent Borland, Wayne Robbins, Marco Caruso or their activities PLEASE contact this forum your identity will be kept confidential.

Update Brent Borland Arrested by the SEC in the United States in a separate Fraud:



Exential Group-Victims!!



Contact us IMMEDIATELY If you were a victim of:







This case is a HIGHLY sophisticated scheme, a typical lawsuit will NOT return you lost money.

A North American based recovery effort is being facilitated by an international consortium of expert ‘Financial Crimes’ asset recovery professionals.  If you would like to be included please contact this forum ASAP.


A Dubai court has ordered Exential chief Sydney Lemos and his companies to pay back a group of investors who lost their hard-earned money in a Dh1.1 billion Ponzi scheme disguised as a foreign currency trading program.

Sydney Lemos

Lemos, 36, who is in police custody since mid-January and faces a string of civil and criminal charges.

Exential Group promised up to 120 per cent annual returns on investments, but when payments dried up, many investors complained following which the firm’s Dubai Media City office was shut down by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) in July 2016.

A case has also been filed against his wife Valany Cardozo Lemos,

Valany Lemos

who was captured on CCTV entering Exential’s sealed office illegally last December 26 and carting away vital documents with the help of other staff.

On January 3, 2017, Valany flew to India and is now believed to be holed up in her hometown Goa. However, the chief accountant of Exential wasn’t that lucky. He was arrested at Dubai airport minutes before boarding a flight to India and is now in jail.

Indian chartered accountant and some influential businessmen who are said to have played key roles in the brazen forex scam. or call (US) 240-232-2001

Dubai Exential Office

Exential Group Office

RIAZ MAMDANI-Accused Fraudster-Shot in Assassination Attempt!

Riaz Mamdani

Millionaire real estate developer alleged Fraudster Riaz Mamdani was ambushed and shot outside his Mount Royal home Monday.

Calgary police were called just after 8 a.m. to the front of a house in the 2200 block of 7th St. S.W. where they found a man inside a car suffering from gunshot wounds. Mamdani, chief executive and founder of the real estate investor Strategic Group {AKA: Platnum Equities}, was identified as the victim by a company spokeswoman, who said he is in stable condition.

Police said in a release Monday afternoon that the shooting was likely targeted, though an exact motive is not known.

“The shooter definitely knew where he was and who he was going after,” Staff Sgt. Travis Baker said. “I don’t know what the motive was at this point, but we believe that the shooter knew where he was and what he was doing.”

Mamdani-Rolls Royce

A Rolls-Royce Phantom with front-end damage and bullet holes through the windshield was cordoned off by police in front of the Mamdani home, among the most valuable homes in Calgary.

“As for the damage to the front of the vehicle, we believe that was a result of the victim hitting the gas pedal and running into a stationary object,” Baker said. “I believe it was a barricade of some sort.”

Baker said Mamdani was in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and suffered multiple injuries. At least one other person was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting, but Baker would not comment on that person’s relationship to Mamdani.

Not long after the shooting and several blocks away, fire crews responded to reports of multiple explosions in the 3800 block of 7th Street S.W.

Fire department spokeswoman Carol Henke said when firefighters arrived they found a Hyundai Santa Fe on fire in an alley parked between two garages.

Crews extinguished the fire in the empty vehicle, but not before the flames damaged the garages.

“We’re certainly looking into both of them with the strong suspicion that maybe they’re connected,” Baker said. “Arson is looking at that side of it, but they’re working hand in hand with us.

A search of court documents revealed a long list of grievances against Mamdani.

The businessman is named as a defendant in two class action lawsuits, one of which claims $10 million in damages, and another in which investors claim they lost $200 million — the latter which was certified last year.

The $10-million claim, filed in June 2014, alleges Mamdani was involved in an investment deal in which investors in Alberta, Ontario and B.C. agreed to purchase a parcel of land through two Platinum Lands corporations.

Their claim states the investors raised $6.4 million to fund the purchases from SSAM Land Corp.

But it says SSAM, for which Mamdani was the directing mind, claimed the transaction was never closed because it had only received $5.7 million from the Platinum companies, controlled by defendant Shariff Chandran.

“At all relevant times, Mr. Chandran and Mr. Mamdani were close and long-term business partners in the real estate business in Alberta,” it says.

The lawsuit alleges the two parties conspired to collect the investors’ money “and then … wrongfully take the investor funds for their own personal benefit.”

In the certified class action lawsuit, individuals — including Mamdani — and companies associated with the Platinum Group have been sued over allegations of misused investments.

Gregory Tindall-REWARD $100,000*


Greg & Pam Tindall

Greg & Pam Tindall

Between 2001 and 2009 GREGORY DENNIS TINDALL {DOB: 2 November 1960} and DALE JOSEPH EDGAR ST. JEAN {DOB: 8-May-1959} Citizens of Canada (Alberta), acted as the ‘Primary’ co-conspirators to defraud hundreds of investors from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Europe of more than $80,000,000.00 (EIGHTY MILLION DOLLARS), in what is being referred to as one of the most Brazen “PONZI” Schemes in Canadian history.

On or about September 8 2010, GREGORY “Greg” TINDALL and his wife PAMELA “Pam” M. (Lovestead) TINDALL sold their house in the Crystal Shores area of Okotoks, Alberta for $975,000 after putting it on the market in May 2010.

The couple subsequently fled Alberta, along with their two adopted children SHYLER & MIKALA.

Family members concerned for the safety and well being of the children have contacted law-enforcement to report that they consider the children to be endangered.  People close to the Children have stated that it is HIGHLY unusual that the children have not attempted to make no contact although strong relationships were the norm prior to the families disappearance.

The Tindalls may have altered their appearance and that of the Children as well.

If anyone has information regarding the welfare and location of the children you are URGED to contact this forum!

(Additional Photos of the missing children are included below)

GREG TINDALL and his wife remain fugitives and are likely living under assumed identities. Ongoing search efforts are focused on a number of foreign jurisdictions.

  A “Red Notice” is said to be imminent.

PAMELA originates from Saskatchewan Canada. The children, Shyler & Mikala-now approx. 16 and 20 years-old respectively have always been home schooled.

PAMELA also has an adult biological daughter residing in Calgary who was born prior to her marriage to GREG TINDALL, for the sake of privacy identified only as RC.

GREG’s family & mother reside in the Okanagan {Kelowna} area of British Columbia, relations in GREG’s family may be strained.

PAMELA’s family with whom relations seem stronger reside in her ‘home’ Province of Saskatchewan.

Pamela’s Sisters {LANA NJAA & ROBYN KONDRATOWICZ} came to Okotoks to help move household belongings when the TINDALL’s fled, they likely know of the suspects whereabouts.

Shortly after fleeing Canada, TINDALL sold a ski type boat to a US citizen in Nebraska without proper paperwork. A criminal complaint is pending.

Investigators close to the case conclude from the outset, that TINDALL was the guiding mind and principle of the scheme  who controlled and facilitated the ‘laundering’ and secretion of the illicit proceeds of the crime.


TINDALL and ST. JEAN founded numerous “Shell” companies under their two Flagship entities firstly TRANSBANC {circa 2001-2005} then changed the name to TRANSCAP {2005 forward} following Canadian regulatory action.

The Suspects formed an additional company-STRATA TRADE as an “exempt market” vehicle in order to make their fraudulent enterprises eligible to solicit and accept RRSP {retirement accounts} investments into the Scheme.

Witnesses and victims describe GREG TINDALL as a semi-intelligent and aloof man who seemed close only to his ‘immediate’ family. 

TINDALL was known to wager both on stocks and online gambling sites and enjoy watching MMA fighting matches and “go-cart” racing.

For reasons unknown-as the scheme began to collapse, ST. JEAN voluntarily took responsibility and acted as the “fall-guy” and  “patsy” for TINDALL.

Witnesses who knew both TINDALL and ST. JEAN stated; TINDALL had very little respect for ST. JEAN, openly talked down and disparagingly about ST. JEAN considering him to be easily manipulated.

The contention of many is that TINDALL recognized St. JEAN as a person he could control and manipulate. The fact that ST. JEAN’s wife {PRISCILLA Wolfe} was an ‘Investment Manager’ may have motivated TINDALL to bring them into the fold.

In early 2006, St. JEAN made statements in ‘confidence’ to witnesses that TINDALL was not providing funds to pay interest payments and that he was forced to use new investors money to make redemption payments.

None of the facts herein are meant to absolve DALE St. JEAN of criminal culpability. Had he not have known at the beginning that the scheme was built on false promises and lies, he certainly knew a significant time before the collapse and was happy to entice new Investors.


TIER-2 “Parties of Interest”:
RONALD NORMAN LITTLE {St. JEANS “chief-lieutenant”-prime broker who earned approx. $3M +/- in illicit commissions-is said to be residing in Swan Lake Campground – 7235 Old Kamloops Rd, Vernon BC }

D. GENO BRUNTON {California ‘businessman’ associate of St. Jean & Tindall who elicited approx. $1M from victims in a fraudulent recovery scheme.}

SHERI PIDKOWA {Executive assistant/Bookkeeper for TransCap living in Calgary Alberta}

BLAIR CARMICHAEL {Principle broker for TransCap-netted over $1M in commissions from the sales of the illicit investment}

JIM LANTZ {Principle & Partner broker to Blair Carmichael-netting over $700,000.00 in Commissions}

RICHARD W. DEVRIES {Attorney/Canadian living in the Bahamas who was involved in the initial formation and structure of the scheme}


Should anyone have information pertaining to the location of GREG & PAMELLA TINDALL or evidence against them please contact this forum.

Additional information including a full report of the investigation and criminal actions are forthcoming.


MESSAGE TO DALE ST. JEAN or GREGORY TINDALL: Should you wish to resolve this matter without further actions you are advised to contact immediately.


(*A reward UP TO $100,000.00 is being offered based on production of credible information leading to the location/capture and/or recovery of an established amount of the stolen money. A progressive or negotiable reward is also being offered for credible information leading to just the location of TINDALL and his family and/or facilitation of recovery.)



Greg & Pam Tindall

Greg & Pam Tindall

Mikala & Shyler

Mikala & Shyler

Tindall Family

Greg Pam Tindall Family

Greg Tindall

Gregory Tindall

New Solutions-Ronald Ovenden “Ponzi Scheme”

BREAKING NEWS: IFA has just become aware of a public release of the results of an ongoing worldwide criminal investigation into the NSFC matter.

For full coverage visit:

It is alleged that between 2007 and 2011 a Major Fraud involving hundreds of Millions of dollars is once again perpetrated against thousands of unsuspecting victims from several countries.

The Kingpin of this fraud involving a “TAKE” of approximately $215,000,000 (TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS) is identified as RONALD JAMES OVENDEN of Mississauga-Ontario Canada.  OVENDEN utilized menagerie of shell ‘front’ companies from around the world, such as New Solutions Financial Corporations II, III, VI (NSFC), and a multitude of others.

The scheme surrounded the claim that OVENDEN and his companies would take investors money and use it to “Factor” for significant vetted companies and return between 7 and 9% to to his investors annually.  When in fact OVENDEN and his co-conspirators are said to have concocted a very sophisticated scheme in which  NSFC would “loan” the money to companies OVENDEN controlled, thereby loaning the money to himself and then subsequently borrowing company would not pay the loans back.  Leaving OVENDEN with an enormous amount of stolen money, which he then allegedly laundered and hid.

In order to continue perpetuating this scheme some of the investors received payments in the form of redemptions until January 2102 when apparently the new investor money coming in was no longer enough to keep the scheme profitable.

The ‘front’ companies involved in the alleged perpetration of the “Ponzi scheme” were New Solutions Financial Corporation, New Solutions Financial Corporation II, New Solutions Financial Corporation III, New Solutions Financial Corporation VI and 2055596 Ontario Limited.

The shares of these companies were held by Grandluc Corporation, controlled by Ronald OVENDEN and JEFFREY LIPTON who also operated Permanent Value Asset management Ltd. and Argyle funds spc Inc. which operates out of Barbados.

Most of the stolen money was raised by two purportedly “independent” investment advisors; ROBERT JOSEPH FROST of Edmonton-Alberta Canada PROFORMA CAPITAL, and JEFFREY HERSCHEL LIPTON (a Toronto native) who operated a Cayman Island “registered” investment vehicle called ARGYLE FUNDS SPC INC from his Barbados company offices he called PERMANENT VALUE ASSET MANAGEMENT Ltd.

(JEFFREY HERSCHEL LIPTON-is also listed as an attorney with Daley Byers & Phillips a Toronto based law-firm)

Once the house of fraudulent cards began to collapse FROST, LIPTON and OVENDEN met together with MNP a well known accounting firm in Toronto Canada to act as trustee to finalize the perfect crime by seeking bankruptcy protection.

Although it was made a matter of court record that all of the principle parties had a conflict of interest with MNP due to previous business relationships, both the courts and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) allowed the matter to be settled thereby granting what amounted to immunity for OVENDEN with the blessings of the Canadian Government.  This occurred in spite of the fact that the OSC stated there were multiple issues of OVENDEN and agents of NSFC deliberately making fraudulent misrepresentations to the victim investors.

It was also learned that this was not OVENDEN’s first brush with fraudulent loan schemes:

So the GLARING question remains, where did the money end up and who all got paid off with the stolen funds?

If the OSC and FELDSTEIN & ASSOCIATES LLP, the auditor of the OVENDEN companies both specifically state IN THE RECORD there is nefarious conduct and fraud, WHY are all of these criminals being allowed to walk away “Scott Free” with the victims money?

If you have INFORMATION directly relating to this conspiracy relating RONALD OVENDEN and his companies, PROFORMA and ROBERT JOSEPH FROST, ARGYLE and JEFFREY HERSCHEL LIPTON and the “Barbados Connection”   PLEASE contact this forum with the details we will if necessary keep your identity confidential.

The Criminals responsible for this travesty NEED to be brought to some form of JUSTICE!!

See Article from Edmonton Journal:

Contact us at or email us via our “contact us” page.


HO-CHUN “JEFF” LEE-Reward/Wanted

Los Angeles, California – August 28, 2012

HO-CHUN “JEFF” LEE– WANTED on a $1.1 Million dollar US Felony warrant, after stealing more than $1.5 Million from Elderly US Employer

Ho-Chun "Jeff" Lee



Ho-Chun Lee aka: “Jeff” LEE, President of “Circle Transportation”, AKA: “Upswing Logistics, Inc.” Registered at  87 Hoping First Road, Kaohsing, Taiwan wanted for embezzling more than $1,500,000.00  (ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS) from his elderly employer-INCARE CARGO SERVICES of Los Angeles, California.

Lee is believed to possibly hiding as a FUGITIVE in Taiwan.

INCARE Cargo Services, Inc., conducted business as a freight forwarding/customs brokerage company.  As part of its freight forwarding services, INCARE received checks from its customers to pay for customs duties.

From 9-1-2006 to June 1, 2008 Jeff LEE was INCARE Services’ chief administrator whose duties included:

1} Outside Sales

2} Management of INCARE Services customer list

3} Control and supervision of INCARE Services business accounts

4}Overseeing customer relations.

LEE a trusted employee with a high level of responsibility, used his position to STEAL the $1,500,000.00 from INCARE Cargo Service, Inc. Lee accomplished this by accessing INCARE Cargo Services’ incoming mail and customer files.

In June of 2006, Jeff LEE incorporated a separate, but similarly named company-“INCARE Cargo Express, Inc.” and opened a corporate bank account at a local Los Angeles Bank.

LEE then began intercepting checks made out to INCARE Cargo Services Inc., and deposited them into his new account.

LEE also managed to acquire an INCARE Cargo Services Stamp which he used to endorse checks written to INCARE Cargo Services Inc.  In addition to falsely endorsing checks made payable to INCARE Cargo Services Inc.

Further, LEE misappropriated INCARE Cargo Services Inc. customer list which eventually put INCARE out of business.

The theft was discovered when the elderly victim contacted a customer regarding a late payment. The customer provided a copy of canceled checks with endorsements, which prompted the victim to contact all of his customers – discovering the scope and magnitude of the crime.

Shortly after the theft was discovered LEE also misappropriated INCARE’s customer list to his brother-in-law companies’ HCLM Express Services Inc. and Up Swing Logistics, registered at 8717 Aviation Boulevard, Inglewood, CA.

CHUNG FUNG MAK, LEE’s brother-in-law, is the registered agent for HCLM EXPRESS SERVICES, INC and UP SWING LOGISTIC.    It is unknown if CHUNG FUNG MAK,  had knowledge of the criminal activity.

Information that leads to his arrest and extradition WILL be rewarded!!!!   Please contact the FBI/Los Angeles Police  or




Mark (aka: “Zio”) Segovia & Betty Segovia

Mark Segovia is now calling himself “Zio” Segovia

(Zio-meaning Uncle or Slang for Brother in Togo western Africa)


Mark Segovia

Mark Segovia (“ZIO” or “Uncle” Segovia)

Kurt Bowker, Lidio Rancharan
(Other accomplice’s names being withheld pending further investigation)
DBA: Vault LLC & “Grupo Bannorth” Banking Services, Panama.

Will steal your money! In this case they stole over $1,600,000.00 and did
knowingly cause losses to investors in excess of $2 Million Dollars

They will promise you they can effect major financial transactions
or investments with incredible returns then rob you blind!

Here’s the summary of the case:

Lidio Rancharan

Lidio Rancharan

In February of 2006, numerous potential investors/victims attended an investment seminar in the state of Washington put on by a group out of Vancouver, WA. One of the local presenters was a man by the name of Kurt Bowker. Other local names are currently being withheld pending further investigation. It is now understood that none of the persons involved in marketing the investment product were licensed to do so.

The investment proposal was purported to produce a high yield with a monthly cash flow using Life Insurance Policies that the group would purchase and subsequently sell at a profit to institutional investors. Then the group would see a return of their investment to the tune of 15-30% monthly.

Based on the convincing presentation, written prospectus and the name-dropping of investment companies like Fidelity, the group bought into the pitch. Over the next several weeks the group put together approximately $2.3 Million Dollars to invest in this scheme.

The group was told initially that the funds invested were being used to purchase 3 life insurance policies, 2 policies with a $10 Million benefit and one with a $3 Million dollar benefit payout for a total of $23 Million US Dollars. Ultimately, the promised returns never came to fruition.

Later it was discovered that these same Life Insurance Policies were utilized by Lidio Rancharan to bilk investors out $100’s of Thousands of dollars from a separate group of victims in Canada.

Early on in the first few months of the scheme, some or the Washington affiliated investors became nervous and were actually able to withdraw or recover approx. $350,000.00.

When returns did not begin as promised, the group began pressuring the local, Vancouver Washington accomplices who finally admitted that they were not in control of the subject policies. In fact the policies were under the control of “Vault LLC” company that was owned by Mark and Betty Segovia who seem to bounce around from the states of New York, Georgia, Arizona, California to Panama.

Shortly after this realization, in September of 2006 the first of many weekly conference calls were held with Mark Segovia/ZIO Segovia. During these calls Segovia continued promising to make good on the investments with various other “Deals” he was making, always indicating that even though the policies hadn’t been turned over for a profit that they still existed and the investors money was secure.

This was the story from Mark Segovia (Zio Segovia) up until the first months of 2008. It was around this time that the investors learned that Mark Segovia had allowed the all three of the Life Insurance Policies to lapse by failing to pay the premiums. On top of that the Segovia’s “Gutted” the cash value of the policies to the tune of $1,600,000.00 and absconded with the money that was rightly the property of the investors.

Once the investors confirmed and collected sufficient evidence to support their findings, they confronted Segovia, who is currently “on the lamb” residing in Panama acting as a financial consultant for Grupo Bannorth Bank. Once confronted with the overwhelming evidence, Mark Segovia conceded that he had indeed drained the cash value from the policies and allowed all of the policies to lapse. . It was also learned that Bowker was allegedly paid off by Segovia to the tune of $250,000.00 and then fled Washington and started another business in Arizona.

Victims of this scam at one point were advised by the Segovia’s, that they were represented by one Mr. Albert Coleman, an attorney out of the Atlanta area. When contacted Mr. Coleman denied any personal involvement in the scam to the victims, however did supply significant information and documentation as to his role and involvement in the set-up and structure of Segovia’s web of business entities.

As late as January 2009, Mark (Zio) and Betty Segovia continue to make empty promises to return the stolen money. But, it is apparent that all have been just a ploy to stall and put off the investors in hopes that they will not actually take any action and just go away.

International Fraud Alert spoke with an official at the, who advised that they had been brought into the matter by one of the investors to examine the issue from a criminal perspective and attempt to possibly mediate the situation to resolution.

IFA has concluded from the information from various sources that Mark Segovia (Zio Segovia) continues to attempt to entice others from his hideout in Panama City, Panama. In fact it is alleged that Mark-Zio Segovia lives a very highlife on the backs of unsuspecting victims with promises of riches and financial success. Our belief is that Segovia does nothing more than entice, induce and scam unsuspecting victims into being defrauded out of their hard earned money.

In fact IFA has learned that this incident is not the first time that Mark Segovia’s nefarious activities have caught up with him. If would seem that he was party to a legal action in 2004 in Federal Court for allegedly the same type of conduct against a Mr. Peter Fagan and Comanche Investments the court issued a judgment against Segovia for approximately $500,000.00.

Mark Segovia is described as: Black Male, approx. 47 yoa, with a dark complexion, 5’10-6’00 ft tall, 180-200 lbs, likes to dress in expensive clothes and speaks with a slight European/Caribbean accent and a silver tongue.

Betty Segovia: is believed to work as a flight attendant out of the Atlanta area on route(s) between Phoenix and San Diego, CA.

Bottom-line WARNING to the public, BEWARE of Mark (aka: Zio) and Betty Segovia, Lidio Rancharan or anyone associated with them. These crooks will claim to be able to assist you in making large sums of money in their investment programs and it is a scam they will take your money laughing all the way to the bank, leaving you broke.


{IFA is still in the process of verifying the legitimacy of Grupo Bannorth, Panama City, Panama. All documents executed by Grupo Bannorth have been executed by the below listed entity.}
Grupo Bannorth S.A.
Urbanizacion Marbella
Ocean Business Plaza, 13th Floor, Office 1311
Republic of Panama
Attn: Alexis Vargas
Vice-president and Legal Representative

If you have any information that will assist in the arrest and conviction of these criminals send an email. This case is currently under investigation any and all sworn statements will be taken and appreciated in the pursuit of these Fraudsters! Also please report your case to your local, state and federal authorities. Help us put stop to these scam artists from destroying the lives of anyone else!!

{Allegations are substantiated/evidenced and are on file with an independent investigative entity}
Contact us at or email us via our “contact us” page.

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