***Brent Borland*** Canyon Acquisitions Fraud??

Investors allege that between 2007 and 2010, hundreds of Canadian residents of Ontario and Quebec invested between $25 and $100

Wayne Robbins

Wayne Robbins

Million Dollars in what is being called a major fraud scheme perpetrated by US based Canyon Acquisitions and affiliated companies.

According the findings of the Ontario Securities Commission, CANYON ACQUISITIONS and it’s principles Brent BORLAND of Delray Beach-Florida, Wayne ROBBINS of Jupiter-Florida and Marco CARUSO of Bedford-Texas, enticed and misrepresented investments in various resort development projects in the Dominican Republic and Southern Belize.

Marco Caruso

Marco Caruso

The development Projects in Belize include:



Developments in the Dominican Republic Include:


The 2013 Canyon and it’s principles were found guilty and a Judgment was issued by the Ontario Securities which stated;

“Canyon U.S., Canyon Nevis, Borland, Robbins, Caruso and the Caruso Companies traded and engaged in, or held themselves out as engaging in, the business of trading in securities, where no exemptions were available, without being registered to trade in securities, contrary to section 25. 

Borland and Robbins, as officers and/or directors of Canyon U.S. and Canyon Nevis, did authorize, permit or acquiesce in the commission of the violations of section 25, 53, 122(1)(a) and 126.2(1) of the Act, set out above, by Canyon U.S. and Canyon Nevis, contrary to section 129.2 of the Act and acted contrary to the public interest of the Act.

Canyon made false and misleading statements in written communications, as described above in paragraph 40(i). By doing so Canyon breached s. 126.2(1) of the Act. Borland made incorrect statements during an interview with Staff. By doing so Borland breached s. 122(1)(a) and contrary to the public interest.”

Canyon breached and is in default of its 2013 settlement agreement with the OSC and delinquent on payments of approximately $1.4M for not following through with the payment of fines, sanctions and disgorgements.

According to sources close to Canyon has operated openly within the US, but has overtly tried to avoid US Securities regulatory requirements to include having advised certain employees and brokers to not solicit from US investors.

Although, court records indicate there have been few lawsuits filed by US investors, there were a few cases where exceptions were made that ended with filing of court actions.

None of the touted projects have ever been completed and Canyon has defaulted on agreements with investors and failed to produce the promised annual returns which were said to have been high as 20%.

To date the investors have lost all of principle. In many cases victims were near or at retirement age having lost their entire retirement savings. While Brent Borland along with his wife Alana LaTorra {Managing Director of Placencia Acquisitions LLC} appear to live a lavish lifestyle among the high society types in the greater Boca Raton/Miami area and Sag Harbor New York.

Brent & Alana Borland

Brent & Alana Borland

A number of investors contacted said that the reason they felt comfortable and confident in the investments with Canyon was that they were assured that their money was safe as they were directed to send their funds to a US Attorney Daniel Holliday III based in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  Investors were told that the Attorney had been retained by Canyon to act as an “Escrow Agent” of behalf of investors and that their money would be held safely in Escrow by Holliday and used only to collateralize the developments.

Recently it’s been learned that an private international group  was hired by investors to launch a global investigation into the allegations.

A source close to the investigation advised that “Canyon” established a sophisticated network of at least 40 offshore companies primarily domiciled in the Caribbean and Central America. Structures of this are commonly used in these types of schemes to launder and/or secrete illicit proceeds.

Borland, Robbins, Caruso and associates appear to be affiliated as a principles of numerous US based companies;

Borland Capital Group, LLCDelaware

Borland Capital Group Management, LLC-Delaware

Borland Capital Group Advisors, LLC-Delaware

Catalyst565, Inc.-Delaware

Canyon Borland, Inc.- Florida

Blueprint Hope Foundation, Inc.-Florida

Placencia Properties, LLC- Florida

Belize Fund Management, LLC-Florida

Sunny Acquisitions-Florida

Beach Acquisitions-Florida

Borluso Autentico-Florida

Terra Azul Development Group-Florida

Internet Marketing Fund-Florida

In Centric Properties, Inc.-Florida

If you have INFORMATION relating to this alleged scheme, Brent Borland, Wayne Robbins, Marco Caruso or their activities PLEASE contact this forum your identity will be kept confidential.

[email protected]

Update Brent Borland Arrested by the SEC in the United States in a separate Fraud:



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