Beware Timeshare Resale Scams


Have you been approached by an offer to good to be true to purchase your timeshare. Most times they seem too good to be true, your instincts are probably correct. Fictitious companies such as Great Value Vacations Mexico aka: Stayforlong working with JJ Edwards law firm purportedly of Colorado claim to be looking to buy your time share for 4 to 5 times its value if you will pay for the taxes or the closing costs to get the deal done.

The scammers will contact you making an offer. Then you will be referred to a law firm paralegal such as “Justin Tillmen” or “Abraham Chizeum” of the JJ Edwards law firm who will broker and facilitate the deal. All they will facilitate is your money leaving your account and never coming back.

JJ Edwards will ask you to wire funds to a bank account to cover the “taxes” and/or “closing costs” to an agent in Mexico. Once they receive your money they promise to close the sale you will receive the proceeds. In reality you will receive nothing.

If you have been  been a victim of these fraud or a similar one, please contact: [email protected]

The US Federal Trades Commission are Actively Investigating These Types of Frauds! We are seeking vetted Victims and WhistleBlowers to provide additional information to support a referral to US Department of Justice officials for Criminal Prosecution.


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