Symtomax Group’s fraudulent €12M Bond Offering

A €12 million bond offering by British nationals Minette Coetzee, a.k.a. Minette Compson, and Paul Segal via their Symtomax Group for a purported medical cannabis production facility in Portugal is fraudulent, OffshoreAlert can reveal. The scheme involves entities and individuals in the BVI, Canada, Dubai, England, Gibraltar, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, and Switzerland.

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BINARY OPTIONS FRAUD Investor Recovery Services

Binary Options Forex Fraud

Binary Options Fraud

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Online trading scams are out there. Traders must be suspicious

BEWARE OF: Online-Binary Options, FOREX, CFD trading & Crypto Trading Platforms

Online trading has become a common tool for small and independent investors.

Back in 2005, binary options boomed, and the promises of easy trading and high returns lured millions of users from around the world.

Unfortunately, these new and fancy trading tools are often operated by the same old scammers that have took the world by storm with binary option platforms. Creating new types of trading allowed financial scammers to build a mine field; every move is another option to make money directly from their customers, backed up with false hopes and dreams that are pumped to excite their way out of money.

Once a Scam is exposed, the scammers simply change the name and register a new company in a different country. Using fake names and locations (just as the binary fraud managed to keep working for so long) many CFD trading platforms and crypto trading platforms keep under the radar, making it impossible to know for sure to know the true identities of the people in charge of the frauds.

It took over 10 years for the global financial authorities to notice the tremendous amounts of money disappearing using this type of scam trading and exposing the tactics of the biggest global financial fraud we have experienced in the last decade.

Yet, although financial authorities have restricted, sanctioned and shut down many scam companies, regulating the field for the targeted investors, these scam companies have found a way to continue scamming through newer mediums.

Once the world started to recognize that binary options is a lie; an elaborated scam built to take every cent they can, and repaying nothing but stress and tragedies, platforms suddenly started to vanish as if they are a world known magician, leaving thousands of investors heart broken and in big financial debt.

 “Victims Take Action”

Private investors, scam victims, think that they have nowhere to turn too, they have been scammed out of their money, which is not backed up by any government or financial authority.

After years of helping binary options scam victims, our associate partners specialize in services that have helped investors recover more than £10 million.

Our team of field experts are equipped with the knowledge to help scam victims that have lost faith after trading with binary options, CFD’s and Crypto trading platforms.

Have you been exposed to a fraudulent binary option/ CFD trading/ crypto trading platform?

If you have been lured by these criminals and lost $5,000 USD or more Contact this forum for a free consultation.

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This case is a HIGHLY sophisticated scheme, a typical lawsuit will NOT return you lost money.

A North American based recovery effort is being facilitated by an international consortium of expert ‘Financial Crimes’ asset recovery professionals.  If you would like to be included please contact this forum ASAP.


A Dubai court has ordered Exential chief Sydney Lemos and his companies to pay back a group of investors who lost their hard-earned money in a Dh1.1 billion Ponzi scheme disguised as a foreign currency trading program.

Sydney Lemos

Lemos, 36, who is in police custody since mid-January and faces a string of civil and criminal charges.

Exential Group promised up to 120 per cent annual returns on investments, but when payments dried up, many investors complained following which the firm’s Dubai Media City office was shut down by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) in July 2016.

A case has also been filed against his wife Valany Cardozo Lemos,

Valany Lemos

who was captured on CCTV entering Exential’s sealed office illegally last December 26 and carting away vital documents with the help of other staff.

On January 3, 2017, Valany flew to India and is now believed to be holed up in her hometown Goa. However, the chief accountant of Exential wasn’t that lucky. He was arrested at Dubai airport minutes before boarding a flight to India and is now in jail.

Indian chartered accountant and some influential businessmen who are said to have played key roles in the brazen forex scam. or call (US) 240-232-2001

Dubai Exential Office

Exential Group Office

KEN JOHSON & JEFF BERWICK- “Gult’s Gulch”-Fraud

In July of 2014, we received our first consumer complaint involving a real estate scheme called “Gult’s Gulch” located Southwest of the city of Santiago in the nation of Chile.

Gult’s Gulch derives its name from a “Atlas Shrugged” a book released in 1957 by the ‘late’ author Ayn Rand, which has become a ‘cult’ classic amongst Libertarian groups.

The scheme pitched as a anarchist/libertarian utopia and refuge from the threat “economic, social, and political collapse of the United States and coming financial meltdown caused by the Federal Reserve, followed by a Homeland Security police state”.

Ken Johnson

“Ken” Johnson

The scheme was headed up by Mr. KEN JOHNSON who hails from the Minnesota Twin City’s area and most recently California.KEN JOHNSON has accused one of his ex-employees, account manager-KEN CARPENTER of mismanagement as the reason he lost all of the money victims invested.


Jeff Berwick -“Dollar Vigilante”

The schemes Founding partner and Top Promoter-JEFF BERWICK who hails from Edmonton Canada claims that he was duped by Ken Johnson just like everyone else.

BERWICK who runs a “Blog” and “Podcast” monikered as,  and others closely associated to the Galt’s Gulch debacle claim that all of the responsibility lies with KEN JOHNSON who they allege made off with the investors money.


The entire matter appears to have been just another CONSPIRACY to entice, lure and steal Millions of dollars from the unsuspecting investors constructed as a means to avoid and evade tax authorities by directing the victims to wire their funds to the ‘Trust Account’ of STEWART and ASSOCIATES, a law-firm domiciled in Wellington, New Zealand.

From all appearances literally HUNDREDS of US and Canadian based investors have been defrauded of Millions of dollars.

Currently our investigative partners are working to gather victims and evidence to pursue Criminal charges in cooperation with the US Treasury Department (IRS) against all of the suspects involved in this conspiracy.

If you have been victimized by the individuals indicated in this public release or have material information that could assist and lead to Criminal Indictments of those responsible please contact this forum for additional information.

You may contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

{Should you be one of the ‘involved’ defendant(s) of this case and desire to resolve this matter, you may contact this forum and arrangements shall be made through an independent mediator to facilitate a settlement}

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Elder Couple-2One object in this forums mission is to expose those who wish to harm our most vulnerable.

We have been asked by Assisted Living Today to post resources that may be able to give support and assistance to our Seniors and found it to be an excellent idea.  

We hope our visitors may find this useful.

Assisted Living Today

National Center for Elder Abuse:

NCEA Sub-Link “Stop Abuse”:

Guide to Senior Living: State-by-State Options

Senior Housing Guide (with Infographic): Learn About the Range of Senior Living Options

Prevent Medicare Fraud: How To Avoid Abuse and Medical Billing Fraud

AARP Health Resource Library

Senior Care Resource Guide
Senior Health Info Page

Search for Physicians

Elder Couple Beach



Sharon Kleyne hired the below man to raise millions of dollars for her water operation. Many are claiming they have been scammed and lied to about what they were promised.

We are asking all victims to come together and advise us ASAP if you are a victim. If you have paid money
to Sharon Kleyne. 

Stories and victims together are being gathereed for a national story and a class action suit.

Do not trust Gary Neil Cramer. He has ripped off millions of dollars from victims all over the USA.

He has made many promises he has not kept. Cease and desist orders are in place!
Accused of multiple criminal offenses.
We are issuing one of our highest alerts on this scam artist! Look at just some of these links we found:
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Beware of Gary Neil Cramer. He has ripped off millions of dollars from victims all over the USA.

He has made many promises he has not kept. Cease and desist orders are in place! Accused of various criminal activities.

Gary has developed a reputation of one of the most UN-trusted men in the USA!!

We are issuing one of our highest alerts on this scam artist!

Additional information in the links below:


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Nathan Gaub of Yakima Washington up to the old Gaub Brother Tricks!

Nathan Gaub, brother of scam-master Dan Gaub who committed SUICIDE in May of (2012) after discovering he was under federal investigation for securities fraud, is now getting in line to be the next scam-master. Nathan Gaub Claims “Nathan w/ his brother, Dan, to have created an unsurpassed system of Forex Trading at a Reasonable Cost”. This statement is an outright lie, DONT BE FOOLED!!The Gaub brothers have never developed a FX trading system that is “UNSURPASSED to anything”, one investor close to the brothers said.

Dan Gaub was an extremely polished, smooth talking, charismatic fraudster, stealing tens of millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims. Dan and his wife Dawndee Gaub were never licensed or registered to sell any type of securities, gave no prospectus as required by Federal Law. They never determined if the victims were accredited investors.

Dawndee Gaub KNOWINGLY conspired to lure and induce her closest friends into investing  their life savings to her husband fraudulent enterprise in order to live a Kings lifestyle from proceeds of the criminal enterprise. Dan Gaub made up fictitious wealth associates to give the appearance of affluence and credibility he often referred to as  “Clark” and “Terry”, Lies abound.

Allegations have surfaced from sources close the family that the brothers learned their trade of lies and scams early on from their Father “Evangelist” Ken Gaub who operates a “Christian” ministry. Ken has claimed to have preformed many incredible miracles to include raising people from the dead, that many say are nothing but deceptions to perpetuate his own fraudulent schemes based in religion.

Some witnesses are saying that Ken Gaub has actually made a claims to is deceased son’s fraudulent estate. Asserting that $2000.00 a month payments he made against personal a loan he made from his son, were actually his own money he had invested in Dan’s illegal pyramid Forex pyramid scheme. When actually the funds he had “borrowed” from Dan from stolen proceeds of the fraud to begin with.

A HIGH ALERT is being issued regarding Nathan Gaub. Investigators have rendered, that from reviewed of witness testimony that he is a man of very low moral Character following in the family tradition of making up lies just like his brother Dan in order to continue the fraud started by his Brother. Upon numerous requests from victims to “clear the air”, Nathan Gaub  refuses to show proof of the hundreds of millions his brother made from the FOREX system Nathan claims he and his brother developed together.

To date not one person has came forward to state that they learned anything that produced real profits from the Gaubs. In fact, each person that has been interviewed has stated the system Dan and Nathan claim to have developed to trade FX is a fraud and scam.

The investigation continues. As new developments in this reprehensible story unfold, they shall be published in this and other domestic and international forums.We will have more stories coming and we will be giving out these stories to more media. Unsuspecting victims need be advised of the Gaub family legacy of schemes and deception!



Dawndee Gaub has demanded in court that money stolen from the scam victims be given to her to manage while being paid to do so!. Facts show that Dawndee Gaub was knowingly complicit in the fraudulent scheme to defrauded and bilked tens of millions of dollars from trusting investors. She conspired with her husband by inducing personal friends of hers to invest their life savings into the scheme.

Together they purchased and enjoyed yachts, fancy cars, luxurious vacations, fine dining a lifestyle most only dream of. Statements have been made by people close to the Gaubs that Dan gave “tons” of cash from victims to his father for Ken Gaub Ministries, who has has made a claim against the estate asserting that his son took money from him also and he wants to be compensated.

For additional information contact:

Robert “Bob” Mihailovich-Scam Convicted Again!

Robert “Bob” Mihailovich Sr. Creates

“New” investment scheme: Violates

terms of Parole on previous conviction!

Beware of Mihailovich and the companies he has traded for (FXCM, I-Trade and Taurus Global Markets)  You will likely be swindled and LOOSE YOUR MONEY!!!!

Robert Mihailovich Sr. (a convicted felon) of 6218 new Forest Drive, Rockwall, Texas 75087 is under investigation for defrauding at least 14 individual investors of $900,406,000 dollars through Growth Capital Management Corporation.

Mihailovich pled guilty to a charge of mail fraud, aiding and abetting on 03-24-2005 for offenses which took place in 1999 and 2000. Federal District Court of Dallas Texas (3:05-cr-00067-N).   He was ordered to make restitution in the amount of $197,446.12 and pay a $50,000 fine and was ordered to serve 21 months in prison beginning October 3rd 2005.  After his release he was to serve three years of supervised release with a special condition that he “refrain from incurring new credit charges or opening additional lines of credit without approval from his probation officer Sherry Britt, probation office in Garland, Texas.  It was also alleged he obtained a line of credit in the amount of 50,000 from Chase Bank activity prohibited by his prior felony conviction.

Mr. Mihailovich claimed to have a 30 years history of never losing money investing in the futures market using his proprietary software program and “Better Math”. Mihailovich marketing materials made statements:  “NO WAY TO LOSE”, “NO RISK TO THE INVESTED CAPITAL” AND “RESULTS ARE GAURANTEED”.  At least one investor has a signed affidavit “Under penalty of perjury that he was told, “I have never experienced a loss in more than 30 years of trading”

Victims indicate that between about May 2008 and January 2009 Mihailovich operated by guaranteeing at least a 10% profit per month on each account, which he would then split -50/50 with each investor.  14 investors all have had similar experiences:   After depositing large initial investments to a joint trading account Mihailovich would draw down the account in a very short period of time.

The victims accounts some with beginning balances over $100,000 would be drained of value to less than a few hundred dollars in less than few short days blaming the losses on accounting errors of investment/trading firms holding the funds.

A source at the National Futures Association stated, “Failure to declare Mihailvoich was a convicted felon would be grounds for immediate dismissal”.   The SEC  (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) indicate that Mihailovich nor anyone from his company were registered to act as traders until September 12th 2008 when Robert Mihailovich Jr became a registered agent for Growth Capital Management through NFA and the CFTC .

Mihailovich entered agreements with and was allowed to manage and “Trade” funds through three different currency-trading companies without proper credentials;

TAURUS:  1300 Oak Creek Drive #319 Palo Alto, CA 94304 Tomo Sagare, President 650-814-7320, Kaz Nakanigaishi, Chief Representative 650-291-6642

ITRADE: 400 Colonial Center Parkway Suite #300 lake Mary, FL 800-842-6061 trading

FXCM (  Forex Capital Markets, Financial Square 32 Old Slip, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10005 USA  888-503-6739

FXCM was the only company that stepped forward and accepted any type of responsibility in this fiasco offering one investor who is a retired widow living on a “fixed income” a paltry  $3000 in exchange for signing a hold harmless in an attempt to have the victim release them of any further responsibility after her account went from $50,000 to $500 “within hours” between the 5th or 6th of January 2009.  This victim has since been forced to come out of retirement and gone back to work due to her significant loss. Additionally a previous employee has stated that Mihailovich owes him over $40,000 in back wages and has since terminated his employment.

If you have any information related to Mr. Mihailovich’s investment schemes please contact:

See press release from the CFTC:

CFTC Seeks to Revoke Registration of Growth Capital Management LLC Based on CFTC Anti-Fraud Action

Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today filed a notice of intent to revoke the registration of Growth Capital Management LLC (GCM) of Rockwall, Texas. GCM is a registered Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor.

The CFTC’s notice alleges that GCM is subject to statutory disqualification from CFTC registration based on a default judgment order and an order of permanent injunction entered by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas on March 15, 2011, and June 26, 2012, respectively (see CFTC News Release 6299-12, July 9, 2012). The permanent injunction order requires GCM jointly and severally to make restitution to defrauded customers, disgorge ill-gotten gains, and pay a civil monetary penalty, together totaling over $9.3 million, for fraudulently soliciting over $30 million from customers to trade commodity futures contracts and foreign currency (forex). The order also permanently bans GCM from further violations of the anti-fraud provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act and permanently bans GCM from engaging in certain commodities related activity, including trading and seeking registration in any capacity with the CFTC.

The court’s order arises out of a CFTC complaint filed on July 27, 2010, against GCM, Robert Mihailovich, Sr., and Robert Mihailovich, Jr., the son of Mihailovich, Sr. (see CFTC Press Release 5863-10, July 28, 2010). Mihailovich, Sr. was convicted and incarcerated on federal wire fraud charges, served 27 months and, while on a three-year supervised release, fraudulently solicited and accepted more than $30 million from approximately 93 customers to open managed trading accounts, according to the complaint. Mihailovich, Jr., at the time of GCM’s initial registration, failed to disclose Mihailovich, Sr.’s involvement with GCM and failed to disclose in CFTC registration filings that his father was a controlling principal of GCM, the complaint alleged.

The CFTC Division of Enforcement staff members responsible for this case are Alison B. Wilson, Boaz Green, Stephen T. Tsai, Maura M. Viehmeyer, Philip Tumminio, Michelle Bougas, Anne Termine, Gretchen L. Lowe, and Vincent A. McGonagle.


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