KEN JOHSON & JEFF BERWICK- “Gult’s Gulch”-Fraud

In July of 2014, we received our first consumer complaint involving a real estate scheme called “Gult’s Gulch” located Southwest of the city of Santiago in the nation of Chile.

Gult’s Gulch derives its name from a “Atlas Shrugged” a book released in 1957 by the ‘late’ author Ayn Rand, which has become a ‘cult’ classic amongst Libertarian groups.

The scheme pitched as a anarchist/libertarian utopia and refuge from the threat “economic, social, and political collapse of the United States and coming financial meltdown caused by the Federal Reserve, followed by a Homeland Security police state”.

Ken Johnson

“Ken” Johnson

The scheme was headed up by Mr. KEN JOHNSON who hails from the Minnesota Twin City’s area and most recently California.KEN JOHNSON has accused one of his ex-employees, account manager-KEN CARPENTER of mismanagement as the reason he lost all of the money victims invested.


Jeff Berwick -“Dollar Vigilante”

The schemes Founding partner and Top Promoter-JEFF BERWICK who hails from Edmonton Canada claims that he was duped by Ken Johnson just like everyone else.

BERWICK who runs a “Blog” and “Podcast” monikered as,  and others closely associated to the Galt’s Gulch debacle claim that all of the responsibility lies with KEN JOHNSON who they allege made off with the investors money.


The entire matter appears to have been just another CONSPIRACY to entice, lure and steal Millions of dollars from the unsuspecting investors constructed as a means to avoid and evade tax authorities by directing the victims to wire their funds to the ‘Trust Account’ of STEWART and ASSOCIATES, a law-firm domiciled in Wellington, New Zealand.

From all appearances literally HUNDREDS of US and Canadian based investors have been defrauded of Millions of dollars.

Currently our investigative partners are working to gather victims and evidence to pursue Criminal charges in cooperation with the US Treasury Department (IRS) against all of the suspects involved in this conspiracy.

If you have been victimized by the individuals indicated in this public release or have material information that could assist and lead to Criminal Indictments of those responsible please contact this forum for additional information.

You may contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

{Should you be one of the ‘involved’ defendant(s) of this case and desire to resolve this matter, you may contact this forum and arrangements shall be made through an independent mediator to facilitate a settlement}

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