Consumer Warning: TERRA NEX GROUP


A credibility assessment is being conducted in response to a consumer complaints regarding Swiss National

David Heimhofer

David F. Heimhofer

DAVID FERDINAND HEIMHOFER [Passport#F3343825]  and his multitude of global business entities.

Partner investor(s) have filed a complaint alleging that Heimhofer entered into agreements in which profits were made and Heimhofer refuses to return any of the investors principal or promised returns totaling Millions of dollars.  Allegations involve conversion, theft and unlawful transfer and conveyance of financial instruments to secrete the illicit proceeds.

David Heimhofer is known to operate various Shell companies purporting to specialize in solar and green energy projects in-Bahrain, BVI, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Heimhofer related companies include: Terra Nex Company Group Limited,  Terra Nex Financial Engineering, Terra Sola Ventures,Terra Nex Financial Engineering AG,  Terra Nex Family Office Ltd.,Terra Nex Fund Advisor W.L.L., Terra Nex Asset Management,  Simplon Ltd. SPC fund, Global Investment & Financial Engineering Ltd.,  Middle East Best Select GmbH, TNC Fund Advisors Ltd.,



The objective of this notice is twofold:

  1. To verify [prove or disprove] the credibility of the allegations.
  2. To identify any additional aggrieved clients of Heimhofer in order to form an ‘action committee’ with a view to explore and determine if pursuit of legal or regulatory intervention may be  viable and warranted.

Should anyone have experience positive or negative with David Heimhofer or any of his companies, or information regarding the allegations addressed herein or similar concerns relating to an investment with David Heimhofer you are URGED to contact this forum. All responses will be treated as confidential.

(The issue of this bulletin is in NO way proof of wrong doing. All parties are afforded the presumption of innocence)

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