Timothy “Michael” & Jack DeAngelis

Warning Ongoing Allegations for Financial Fraud against-http://www.silverdreamboxingcorp.com/

Timothy “Michael” DeAngelis

 2006 Booking photo

Timothy “Michael” DeAngelis

It would seem the DeAngelis Brothers Crime Family knows no bounds!!!

Over and over again these Scam Artists continue their rein of Financial terror on unsuspecting victims.

They operate their crime syndicate all around the county, New York, Florida, Nevada!!

The original complaint against this crew began in 2008 when a 66-year old Michigan victim contacted our group to request our assistance in investigating James and Timothy DeAngelis for defrauding him out of more than $165,000.00.

The investigation uncovered a myriad of sham companies formed by the brothers to facilitate their fraudulent conspiracy.

“Fighting for Silver”

E&J Equity Group,Inc.,”

“Golden Silver Opportunities, LLC.”

“International Rarity”

“American Precious Metals”

James DeAngelis took a plea agreement in 2011 in federal court in New York and is serving time in Federal Prison for his involvement, while Timothy AKA: Michael DeAngelis, and their Brother John Aka: “Jack” DeAngelis, run a radio show allegedly out of Las Vegas, Nevada called “The Collectors Coach” enticing people into investing money with them for what amounts to worthless amounts of silver coins.

Timothy/”Michael” DeAngelis current

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If you suspect you have been enticed and/or defrauded by Timothy, Michael or Jack DeAngelis we urge you to contact this forum.

Jack DeAngelis

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For more information or to report a fraud you or someone you know has suffered from these people email us at:

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