Nathan Gaub of Yakima Washington up to the old Gaub Brother Tricks!

Nathan Gaub, brother of scam-master Dan Gaub who committed SUICIDE in May of (2012) after discovering he was under federal investigation for securities fraud, is now getting in line to be the next scam-master. Nathan Gaub Claims “Nathan w/ his brother, Dan, to have created an unsurpassed system of Forex Trading at a Reasonable Cost”. This statement is an outright lie, DONT BE FOOLED!!The Gaub brothers have never developed a FX trading system that is “UNSURPASSED to anything”, one investor close to the brothers said.

Dan Gaub was an extremely polished, smooth talking, charismatic fraudster, stealing tens of millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims. Dan and his wife Dawndee Gaub were never licensed or registered to sell any type of securities, gave no prospectus as required by Federal Law. They never determined if the victims were accredited investors.

Dawndee Gaub KNOWINGLY conspired to lure and induce her closest friends into investing  their life savings to her husband fraudulent enterprise in order to live a Kings lifestyle from proceeds of the criminal enterprise. Dan Gaub made up fictitious wealth associates to give the appearance of affluence and credibility he often referred to as  “Clark” and “Terry”, Lies abound.

Allegations have surfaced from sources close the family that the brothers learned their trade of lies and scams early on from their Father “Evangelist” Ken Gaub who operates a “Christian” ministry. Ken has claimed to have preformed many incredible miracles to include raising people from the dead, that many say are nothing but deceptions to perpetuate his own fraudulent schemes based in religion.

Some witnesses are saying that Ken Gaub has actually made a claims to is deceased son’s fraudulent estate. Asserting that $2000.00 a month payments he made against personal a loan he made from his son, were actually his own money he had invested in Dan’s illegal pyramid Forex pyramid scheme. When actually the funds he had “borrowed” from Dan from stolen proceeds of the fraud to begin with.

A HIGH ALERT is being issued regarding Nathan Gaub. Investigators have rendered, that from reviewed of witness testimony that he is a man of very low moral Character following in the family tradition of making up lies just like his brother Dan in order to continue the fraud started by his Brother. Upon numerous requests from victims to “clear the air”, Nathan Gaub  refuses to show proof of the hundreds of millions his brother made from the FOREX system Nathan claims he and his brother developed together.

To date not one person has came forward to state that they learned anything that produced real profits from the Gaubs. In fact, each person that has been interviewed has stated the system Dan and Nathan claim to have developed to trade FX is a fraud and scam.

The investigation continues. As new developments in this reprehensible story unfold, they shall be published in this and other domestic and international forums.We will have more stories coming and we will be giving out these stories to more media. Unsuspecting victims need be advised of the Gaub family legacy of schemes and deception!



Dawndee Gaub has demanded in court that money stolen from the scam victims be given to her to manage while being paid to do so!. Facts show that Dawndee Gaub was knowingly complicit in the fraudulent scheme to defrauded and bilked tens of millions of dollars from trusting investors. She conspired with her husband by inducing personal friends of hers to invest their life savings into the scheme.

Together they purchased and enjoyed yachts, fancy cars, luxurious vacations, fine dining a lifestyle most only dream of. Statements have been made by people close to the Gaubs that Dan gave “tons” of cash from victims to his father for Ken Gaub Ministries, who has has made a claim against the estate asserting that his son took money from him also and he wants to be compensated.

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