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SMH Panana

Files Phony Bankruptcy Proceedings in Panama in order to  “WRITE OFF” $55 Million+ of Investor Funds


A multinational criminal investigation is underway into the ‘Business’ practices of Schweizerische Metalhandels Panama SA [SMHPA], Schweizerische Metallhandels AG Switzerland [SMHAG] SMH Schweizerische Metallhandels AG Deutschland [SMHDE] and SMH Beteiligungs GmbH

The inquiry has been commissioned at the behest of a group of investors who have been victims of fraudulent misrepresentation by the principles of SMH.

During the relevant period from August 2010 to October of 2016 SMH PA in conjunction with SMH AG (Swiss) and SMH DE (Germany) sold more than USD $50,000,000 in Metals investments to as many as 500 private investors. When in fact less that 30% of the metals were ever inventoried and of the metals that did exists they were overpriced, fraudulently marketed and of subpar quality.


SMH Schweizerische Metalhadels Panama SA [SMH PA] was established on August 4th, 2010, by Eugene Richard Walter ROSSMANN, Peter Bernd STEHLING, Ulrich Alfred SCHWARK, all under the ‘watchful eye’ of Alexander HOFMANN all German Citizens allegedly aided by Günther & Maassen of Germany.

Eugene Richard Walter ROSSMANN, Peter Bernd STEHLING, Ulrich SCHWARK looked after the day to day administration of the Panama operation.  According to their publicity and marketing materials, their goal was “to adopt the successful business model from Schweizerische Metallhandels AG Switzerland [SMH AG] for the American market”.


SMHPA {Panama} was incorporated in Panama on 4th August 2010 and initially had the following Directors:


{According to the Panama Law-Suit Filed, RICHARD WALTER ROSSMANN is listed as “Treasurer” of SMHPA}

Other non-arms length Companies related to SMHPA:

  • Swiss Metal Assets LLC (2011-New York)
  • Swiss Metals Overseas S.A. (2013-Panama)
  • Swiss Metals Latin America SA (2014-Panama)
  • Swiss Prime Metals SA (Panama-2010)

SMHAG {Switzerland}Founded in Zurich on March 26th 2009.

The Company Registry lists the following Officers:

  • President of Board of Directors: GUIDO ROSSMAN
  • Member (Representative): FELIX SUTER

 §  Registered Address {Nov 2016}: Law office Felix Suter, Minervastrasse 3, 8032 Zurich§

Website Listed Addresses: Loch 1306, 9428 Walzenhausen, Switzerland§

Website Registration: Ludwigstrab 19 97688 Bad Kissingen Germany {Same address as SMH Germany}§

Contact Telephone Number:+41718861950§  Company

Registration Number: CH17030332710§  Activities: Wholesale of Metals and Metal Ores

SMHAG {“Deutschland”/Germany}-founded on May 23rd, 2013.

Member Man. Board-Director: ALEXANDER HOFMANN

Member (Representative):  YVONNE KUHNE

Registered Address: Ludwigstrab 19 97688 Bad Kissingen Germany·

Website: ·

Contact Telephone Number:+49-611-880-4090·

Company Registration Number: DE16511750

Activities: Wholesale of non-ferrous ores, non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous

Haines & Maassen  {Metallhandelsgesellschaft mbH}              {Has been identified as a partner and metals wholesaler to SMH AG in marketing materials.}

  • Managing Director: GUNTHER MAASSEN
  • Managing Director: HARTWIG MAASSEN Jr.
  • Principle Shareholder: HARTWIG MAASSEN Sr.
  • Registered Address: Pützchens Chaussee 60 53227 Bonn Germany
  • Website:·
  • Contact Telephone Number:+49-228-946510
  • Company Registration Number:  DE01737172·
  • Activities: Wholesale of metals and metal ores


Guido RossmanGuido Rossmann [also spelled Roßmann]

DOB – 31 August 1965.

Member of Board – SMH  Schweizerische Metallhandels    AG Deutschland

President – SMH AG Switzerland

Shareholder – SMH Beteiligungs GmbH

Linked to the following addresses:

  • Distelweg 4, 97616 Bad Neustadt, Germany (on 23 May 2013)
  • Am Pfaffenfad 14, 97720 Nüdlingen, Germany (on 8 February 2011 and 10 October 2011)

Alexander HoffmanAlexander Hofmann

DOB – 5 January 1966

Director – SMH AG Switzerland

Sole Director – SMH  Schweizerische Metallhandels    AG Deutschland

Shareholder – SMH Beteiligungs GmbH

Linked to following addresses:

  • Nüdlinger Str. 50, 97688 Bad Kissingen – Hausen, Germany
  • Seestrasse 13A, 9320 Arbon, Switzerland (last confirmation: before 2014)
  • Loch 1305, 9428 Walzenhausen, Switzerland (last confirmation: before 2014)

Eugene Richard Walter RossmanEugene “Richard” Walter Rossmann     aka: Roßmann

DOB – 3 June 1955

Founding Member/Treasurer – SMH Panama

Director/Treasurer – Swiss Metals Overseas SA – Panama

Director/Shareholder – SMH Beteiligungs GmbH

Linked to the following addresses:

  • Finsterlohr 9, 97993 Creglingen-Finsterlohr, Germany
  • Seestrasse 13A, 9320 Arbon, Switzerland (2017)
  • via Fiorita 4F, 6977 Ruvigliana, Switzerland
  • 100 Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, London, EC4A 1BN, UK

Ulrich SchwarkUlrich Alfred Schwark

DOB – 13 July 1963

President – SMH Panama

Linked to following Address:

PH Belevediere, Piso 17.0 Penthouse Coco del Mar Corregimiento de San Fransisco – Panama City, Republic of Panama

Schwark is/was involved to 54 companies in Panama. Ulrich Alfred Schwark currently holds seven different posts such as subscriber, treasurer, agent, director, president and secretary of eight companies in Panama.

Felix Suter {Zurich Based Attorney}

Registered Member – SMH AG Switzerland

Linked to the following Address:

Minervastrasse 3, 8032 Zurich

Julliette PasserJuliette Mayabelle Passer-Muslin

DOB – 1 July 1960

Director – Swiss Metals Assets LLC {New York}

President/Director – Panamanagement Corporation {Panama}

Representative – Panamanagement Advisors Corp {Panama}

Linked to the following addresses:

  • 445 Park Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10022
  • 412 Oakwood Road, Port Jefferson,  NY 11777
  • 138 Park Avenue, Manhasset, NY 11030
  • 71 Hillside Avenue, Manhasset, NY 11030

PASSER has approximately 20 US companies and just as many Panama companies registered to her.  She is a native of Eastern Europe either Ukraine or Russia.  She is an attorney entered to the New York Bar in 1991. She appears to have immigrated and attend school in the US in 1977 and travels frequently to Panama

PASSER is also the lawyer and personal representative of Birgit RUNGE wife of Peter Bernd STEHLING {Director of SMH Panama} as well as an agent for the US based companies and banking accounts connected. It is alleged that in may cases investors funds passed through or into PASSER’s US accounts and in numerous cases not the account of SMHPA.

PASSER maintained US based company bank accounts were the recipient of numerous bank wires executed by investors as an entry point for money into the SMH scheme.

Vanessa Theresa SchwarkVanessa “Theresa” Schwark

Daughter of Ulrich Schwark is alleged in the Panama Courts to have assisted her father with Money Laundering and theft of records for SMH offices after the Prosecutor had sealed the offices. It is also alleged that she assisted Ulrich with the theft of Investors Gold from VaultMax storage facility.

Knut AndersenKnut Egil Andersen

President/Director –  Swissmetal Inc. aka: Swiss Metal Assets SA

Director Sales/Marketing – SMH Panama

Linked to address:


Panama, Republic of Panama

Daniel Nance

Daniel Nance

Director Sales & Client Relations – SMH Panama


Should you have information that may assist the victims in this alleged fraud scheme PLEASE contact this forum and you will be put in touch with an investigator working with the legal team in this matter. All information will be treated as confidential.

Are you an investor in SMH who is interested in joining a group effort to possibly pursue recovery by means of civil, regulatory and/or criminal remedies contact this forum for additional information.

[email protected]

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