A credibility assessment is being conducted in response to a consumer inquiry regarding Schultze Asset Management LLC (SAMCO) a Delaware registered company.

Schultze Asset Management-with its principle offices located in Purchase, New York {USA} is operated by its founder George J. Schultze.

The objective of this notice is twofold:

  1. To verify the credibility of a grievance filed relating to investments allegedly being placed in “Side-Pockets” which SAMCO’s manager has deemed illiquid for an indefinite period of time without the knowledge or consent of the client.
  2. To identify any additional aggrieved clients of SAMCO in order to form an ‘action committee’ with a view to explore and determine if pursuit of legal or regulatory intervention may beĀ  viable and warranted.

(Additional information can be found at

Should anyone have experience positive or negative with SAMCO, or information regarding the allegations addressed herein or similar concerns relating to an investment with SAMCO you are URGED to contact this forum. All responses will be treated as confidential.

(The issue of this bulletin is in NO way proof of wrong doing. All parties are afforded the presumption of innocence)


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