Yet Another Investment Scheme Uncovered In Stann Creek Belize!!!

{VICTIM Investors and WHISTLEBLOWERS Are Urged To Contact This Forum}

A multinational investigation is underway to evaluate the Investment Offers and Activities of Placencia Health Care Systems LLC, a Florida Domiciled Company founded and operated by Former US Congressman Mr. Richard “DICK” Robert Chrysler III of Stann Creek Belize (Placencia Resort) and Forrest Lee Bledsoe of Boward County Florida.

A due diligence investigation has been commissioned in relation to a pending lawsuit to be filed in Court in the state of Florida at the behest of a group of investors. The investor group claim that between 2014 & 2016 they were victims of fraudulent misrepresentation by Mr. Dick Chrysler, Forrest Bledsoe and one of their alleged accomplices Mr. Marco Caruso also a Stann Creek Belize.  Mr. Chrysler originally from Brighten Michigan is believed to be the guiding mind behind the alleged investment scheme. 

Mr. Caruso has been at the heart of numerous complaints of investment fraud related to the development of the Placencia Resort, Marina and Airport in Stann Creek located in southern Belize.

According to statements made by creditors, investors were enticed to purchase shares in an unregistered ‘Security’ referred to as “Shares” in the Florida company, which were sold at a rate of $50,000.00 [Fifty Thousand US Dollars] each for an aggregate of  $1,200,000.00 [One Million Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars] to a number of investors.  The investors were promised annual returns of 12% on said Securities with a maturity date of January 2020. The investors were directed to wire their money to Bank of America located in Weston, Florida.

Since the maturity date of January 2020, investor have been attempting to contact Dick Chrysler and Forrest Bledsoe who refuse to return their principle investment or fail to communicate with the victims.

       Allegations made against Richard “Dick” Chrysler and Forrest Bledsoe include:

  • Failure to register securities offerings in the State of Florida and the United States generally
  • Misappropriation of investor proceeds to principle enrichment of company principal(s)
  • Conversion of investor proceeds for undesignated purposes
  • Negligent misrepresentation of investment products and promised returns
  • Breach of trust and fiduciary duties
  • Securities Fraud, Conspiracy, Wire Fraudunder 18 U.S. Code ยง 1961


Should you have information that may assist the victims in this alleged fraud scheme PLEASE contact this forum and you will be put in touch with the legal team in charge of this matter. All information will be treated as confidential.

Are you an investor in Placencia Health Care Systems who is interested to join the claimant group and possibly pursue civil, regulatory and/or criminal remedies contact this forum for additional information.

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